Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Why It’s Important to Send Save the Date Cards in Australia

Planning a wedding? One of the first things you need to do is to send out Save the Date cards to your guests, around six months before your wedding and before you send formal invitations. Save the Date cards are essentially announcements that show when and where your big day will be held. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to send them:

1. It gives your guests time to adjust their schedules.

Save the Date cards include essential information such as the date and time of the wedding, as well as the venue. It’s important to send these cards well in advance so that your guests can clear up their schedules for your event. This is especially crucial if you are planning a destination wedding that requires guests to travel, or if the affair will last two or more days.

2. It’s a stylish way to remind people of your wedding.

Do you want your guests to remember the date of your wedding? Then you must use creative ways to make your cards more attractive and visible. You can get wooden or vintage Save the Date cards with magnets that allow them to be stuck on the fridge. Some manufacturers also offer acrylic Save the Date cards. You can choose among mirror finish, gold, or black acrylic. Don’t forget to advise your guests to send an RSVP one or two weeks before your wedding so you can finalize the seating plan and make rearrangements when necessary.

3. It’s a part of good wedding etiquette.

You want to properly invite your guests to your wedding, especially if it’s going to be a formal event. Be sure to send them these cards three to six months prior to the date of the event. Think of it as advanced notice; it helps your guests make plans, save up some money, book airline flights, hire a babysitter, and buy a gift.

Present a Lesbian Wedding Gift that is as Cute as the Couple

Buying lesbian wedding gifts has never been easier, thanks to online shopping. There are so many choices in different price points. However, this sheer selection may also leave you overwhelmed. Don’t know where to start and what items to consider? Here are some lesbian wedding gifts you can give to the cute couple:

Wine glasses

These are timeless gifts for newlyweds who are starting a new home together and need all kinds of glassware. It’s hard to go wrong with wine glasses; after all, everyone loves wine. In fact, vino is a part of most celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, business openings—these milestones are all best enjoyed with a lovely glass of wine.

Have a short message engraved on the wine glasses for that extra thoughtful touch. You can get the classic 350 ml style European glasses, or you can opt to choose the stemless wine glasses that are trendy these days.

Toasting flute sets

Does the couple love to throw dinner parties and have people over at their home? You can give them a toasting flute set with tools for cake serving. Customise these lesbian wedding gifts by putting their names and the date of the occasion on the glass and on the cake server.

Stainless hip flasks

This is another gift that the couple will love to take home after the wedding. You can have matching stainless-steel flasks elegantly engraved with their names. Steel is a durable material that is resistant to corrosion and other elements. It’s symbolic of enduring love.

Did you know that you can get a hip flask set complete with shot glasses and a pouring funnel? There are also flasks covered in leather, which is an equally elegant choice. You will even find pink hip flasks online.

Monday, 28 May 2018

How to Get the Gifts Generous for a Lesbian Marriage?

The best gifts for lesbian marriage are thoughtful, appropriate, and special. It’s never a good idea to simply go to the mall and buy the first item you can find, wrap it, and send it to the soon-to-be newlyweds. You must pick a gift that is unique—one that stands out and will be cherished. Here are some great gift ideas for a lesbian marriage:

Double Schooner Glass and Bottle Opener Gift Pack

If the couple loves drinking, then this is the great gift for them. Include a personalised bottle opener for a complete set. A well-made bottle opener can last for many years; they can use it to open their favourite beers and other beverages.

Gold Crystal Stem Cake Serving and Champagne Toasting Flute Set

This is another gift that can readily be used on the day of the wedding itself, and way after the ceremony. A cake serving and champagne toasting flute set will surely be appreciated by couples who love to bake, as well as those who love to entertain at home. A perfect gift for a lesbian marriage.

Stainless Steel Hip Flask

If you are the best friends with one who is going to get married, you can get a stainless-steel hip flask with shotties and a funnel for a fun and exciting gift. A pink flask would be nice if your friend likes this colour, but you also have an option of getting other styles like leather flasks or matte black flasks.

Wedding Wine Glasses

For couples who love vino, fine wine glasses can be an excellent gift. Get two or more to make a wonderful set that they will surely find practical.

Don’t forget to have all these gifts for lesbian marriage engraved for a more personal touch. Look for suppliers that use laser engraving machines for glass and metal surfaces to ensure the high-quality results. 

Blessings to Buy for a Bridal Party to Remember the Perfect Moment

One way to make your wedding truly memorable is to give bridal party gifts to all the people who helped you plan and execute a beautiful event. Be sure to choose unique gifts that your bridal party can cherish for a long time. Here are some ideas:

Wooden chopping board for cheese

Who wouldn’t want to receive a chopping board as a gift? It is practical and can be used almost every day especially by recipients who love to entertain. It makes a beautiful adornment for the kitchen, too.

Stemless wine glasses

This is another nice gift for wine lovers in your wedding party. Stemless wine glasses can actually be used on your wedding day itself—you can even ask the bartender or waiters to distribute them as they serve the wine.

Glass beer mugs

If your groomsmen are also your drinking buddies, you can give them personalised beer mugs as bridal party gifts. They will appreciate how much thought you put into these customised presents.

Leather flasks

You can also give leather flasks to your bridal party. This type of gift is particularly great for groomsmen who love to bring their alcohol everywhere they go. You also have an option of getting an additional whiskey glass to go with the flasks.

Champagne glasses

These are also practical gifts that you can use on the wedding day itself during the toast. You can have them personalised with the names of your recipients for that extra touch of thoughtfulness.

That’s right—to make all these bridal party gifts more personalised, you can have them engraved with the names of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. A short and sweet laser-engraved thank you note on the surface of these items can also make them more meaningful. Your recipient will surely treasure your gift and proudly use or display it.

Elegant Wooden Ring Box - A Keepsake of Everlasting love

After your wedding, you and your new spouse will probably want to bring home mementos from the day, such as the cake topper and the table centrepiece. Here’s another keepsake you can treasure forever: wooden ring boxes. A bamboo wedding ring box is a great alternative to an old-fashioned ring pillow. It’s contemporary and rustic—perfect for modern couples.

A wedding ring box is a beautiful keepsake you will treasure for the rest of your lives. You can use it to hold small trinkets and jewellery. You can even use it to hold your rings should there be instances when you need to take your wedding rings off—such as during food preparation or when doing activities that may damage them. You can rest easy knowing that your rings are safe and that you would never lose them.

A good wooden box is durable and rigid, just like a great marriage. It must be able to withstand the elements, resist rust and water, and retain its beauty for a long time.

Most couples choose a wooden ring box for their wedding. Wood is a great material because it represents stability and everlasting love. Aside from its rich meaning, wood is also very attractive, elegant, and luxurious. It can perfectly complement a rustic or beach wedding, as well as vintage-inspired celebrations.

You can actually use the wooden ring box on the day itself and well after the ceremony. Have your trusted best man hold on to the box and protect the rings and ensure that they are not misplaced. A wooden ring box will also look great in your wedding photos—especially if it is personalised with your initials or your names, as well as the date of your wedding. You must have it laser engraved so that the markings can last a long time.

A True Wedding Ring Box to Win Her Heart

So you’ve chosen your wedding rings—but do you have a proper box for them? If you are looking for an alternative to traditional wedding ring pillows, then you can’t go wrong with a wedding ring box. It’s an excellent vessel for holding your precious wedding rings safely until you exchange vows.

While old-fashioned ring pillows are still widely used, many couples these days are choosing to go with boxes as a thematic touch. Rustic wedding ring boxes that are made of bamboo are extremely popular. They can be personalised with the names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, or even a sweet message—whatever you prefer, as long as it is short enough to fit in the engraving space.

In many ways, a wedding ring box is a safer choice than a pillow especially if you will be entrusting your rings to a young page boy or ring bearer. A pillow is very easy to topple over, but a box is securely covered.

A beautiful box can be used long after the wedding to hold other pieces of jewellery. It can last an eternity when cared for properly and is very practical for holding keepsakes. Because it is professionally engraved with your own personalised details, you will always remember your big day whenever you look at it.

Wedding shops online offer different options when it comes to wedding ring boxes. Order yours from a store that specialises in wedding items in particular—one that is based in Australia is preferable. Make sure that they offer customisation and special artwork requests. Some of the best shops offer free shipping and a safety delivery guarantee. You can assess the reliability of a store based on their positive customer ratings or reviews.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Appreciate Gay Couples with Personalised Wedding Gifts

The best wedding gifts for gay couples are no different from what you would give straight couples. There is no need to overspend—what’s important is that you choose items that are thoughtful and personalised. One way to make a ‘normal’ gift distinctive is by engraving. You can find online gift shops selling wedding gifts for gay couples that can be laser-engraved with names and short messages. The best retailers can offer a wide array of items in all price points for customers who are looking to give special gifts to their families and friends. Here are gift ideas that you can consider:

Matching beer mugs for two

This is the perfect gift for beer lovers. Be sure to choose glasses that are made of commercial grade glass. Engrave a short thank you note for the new married couple for allowing you to be a part of their special occasion.

Matching leather hip flasks

Elegant hip flasks in beautiful colours can be lovely wedding gifts for gay couples. The leatherette exterior should perfectly match the finish of the flask. Have them engraved with matching messages or the couple’s names. Want something bigger? You can also get hip flasks that are bundled pouring funnels and a set of shot glasses.

Stemless wine glasses

These gifts will surely be appreciated by those who love drinking wine, as well as those who love to entertain. You can ask the store to engrave a dedication or a drawing of a couple getting married for a little bit of fun.

Schooner glasses

Give the newlyweds twin schooner glasses with their names and the date of their wedding. They can use these to drink their beverages or to display in their kitchen.

Be sure to check websites that offer discounts and deals to save money on high-quality wedding gifts for gay couples. Don’t forget to have your gifts engraved to make them more intimate and personalised.