Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Spread the Magic of Togetherness with Party Favours

Party favours are important for various reasons. Not only do they allow you to show appreciation to your guests—they also help remind your guests about the wonderful occasion that they have been a part of. However, party favours are only able to really serve their purpose if they do not get thrown out or hidden away. Choosing the right party favours is crucial. Here are 3 tips that you can make use of when making your selection: 

1.Choose useful items.

Avoid giving consumable party favours if your goal is to ensure that your guests remember your party. Your guests will remember your party longer if you hand them party favours that they can use repeatedly. Some examples of great party favours are beer mugs, deluxe pens, shot glasses, flasks, and wooden wine boxes. 

2.Look for party favours that are relevant to your party’s theme.

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, a bridal party, or any other type of celebration, it is ideal to go for party favours that are symbolic of the event. You may also include a little bit of your personality in the party favours. For instance, if you are throwing a beach event because you love the water, you can give your guests flip flop bottle openers contained in beach-themed boxes. 

3.Personalise the party favours.

Not only are personalised party favours more unique—they are also effective mementos that your recipients will likely cherish. You don’t have to print your portrait on the party favours, but you may put your initials instead. If you want to make the party favours even more thoughtful, you may also have your guests’ individual names printed on the souvenirs. Your guests will surely appreciate party favours that have their names on it.  

Modern Etiquette for Save the Date Invitations

There are many things to consider when giving save-the-date invitations, such as when to give them out, what to include in the invitation, and how to phrase the things you want to say. Your invitations are among the most crucial elements in your event since they provide your guests with important information. Need help in crafting your invites? Here are some tips on modern etiquette for save-the-date invitations:

1.Give guests time to arrange their schedule.

It is ideal to send your save-the-date invitations about 6 to 8 weeks before your event. This allows the guests to make travel arrangements and clear their schedules. If you are having a destination event, it will be better to send out the invitations three months before the big day. 

2.Make a deadline for RSVPs.

You should have already finalised your guest list two to three weeks before the event date. If some of the guests still haven’t given you a response by your deadline, try to call them and ask for their RSVPs. 

3.Make it clear if you are having an adults-only event.

Your invitations should be addressed correctly—to every guest by his/her name. Guests should be able to understand that only those mentioned are invited. If you notice that some guests have replied with their kids’ names included, give them a message or a call and tell them that you are having an adults-only event and that you hope that they’ll still be able to attend. 

4.Let guests know about the dress code.

The best way to tell the guests about the dress code is to indicate it in the invitation’s lower right-hand corner. “Cocktail attire,” “Casual attire,” or “Black tie” are acceptable. The design of your invitation will also give guests a hint. A traditional invite that is very formal and has calligraphy will let your guests know about the event’s formal nature. Meanwhile, a square invite that has bright colours and playful fonts will give them a clue that the event’s style is more casual. 
When looking for invitations, it may be best to check out giftware companies. They often offer the best deals on invitations and will ensure you that you can customise them as much as you want to. 

How to Choose Personalised Bridesmaid Gifts in Australia

Preparing for a wedding can be extremely stressful, and it’s only right for you to give tokens of appreciation to those who have helped you with your wedding preparations, such as your bridesmaids. It is advisable that you buy bridal party gifts as early as possible, since it may be hard to find time for this task your big day approaches. There are a couple of things to consider when selecting gifts for bridesmaids. Taking time to think of the ideal gifts can give you the peace of mind that the gifts will allow you to show your bridesmaids how thankful you are for their help.  Here are some tips in choosing personalised bridesmaid gifts in Australia:

1.They don’t have to cost too much. 

When it comes to giving gifts, it’s true that it’s the thought that counts. That’s why it’s not exactly necessary to break the bank and spend a ridiculous amount of money for the bridesmaid gifts. There are many items that are reasonably priced yet still thoughtful. You just need to be able to find the ones that are right for the recipients. 

2.See to it that the gifts are beautiful or useful, or both!

The best way to ensure that your bridesmaids will like the gifts is to think of what each of them will want to have. If the budget permits, then it will be great to get those items. If, however, you want all of your bridesmaids to receive the same gift, then you must see it that that you will pick an item that will be of use to all the bridesmaids. Some of the most practical items to go for are bottle openers, glassware, stubby holders, pens, and hip flasks. 

3.Make your gifts more thoughtful by personalising them.

If you want to make your bridesmaids feel extra special, a great way to do so is to personalise the items. Depending on the material of the gifts, you can have them engraved or printed on with individual names, or whatever design you want. Your bridesmaids will definitely appreciate meaningful personalised gifts. 

Custom Wedding Invitations to Match Your Wedding Theme

Perhaps you have already been looking all over the internet for wedding invitations and still haven’t found the right one. Maybe you have come across designs that look pretty close to the one that you want, but still aren’t quite perfect fit for your wedding. You know that you have a specific aesthetic in mind—and you’re having a hard time looking for something that looks exactly like it. Why stress over finding similar invitations when you can simply have your wedding invitations customised? 

Customising wedding invitations is ideal whether you already know what you want or still don’t really know where to start. When you consult with and hire a company to create your custom wedding invitations, you will get the advantage of having someone to guide you through the process. The best giftware companies in Australia can give you suggestions and well as guide you when it comes to deciding on the information to include. 

Custom wedding invitations will give you the opportunity to get the exact design that you have always wanted. When you work with a reliable company, you can rest assured that you will get to personalise your wedding invitations as much as you want. If you have a limited budget, a great company should be able to offer you affordable yet beautiful options. Look for a supplier that will let you customise the invitations more than just choosing the design template. You should also be allowed to decide on even smaller details, such as the font, colours, and the layout. It is important that you have the chance to get wedding invitations that are truly yours, and not ones that look just like everyone else’s. 

When looking for a supplier for your wedding invitations, go for one that offers reasonable prices and has a money-back guarantee. This will protect you from erroneous prints and poor quality. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Liven Up Your Wedding Party with Stubby Holder Giveaways

Are you still looking for the ideal giveaways for your wedding party? Then perhaps you should consider stubby holders. Stubby holders or coolers are both useful and long-lasting, which make them perfect wedding favours. Aside from keeping cold drinks cold, stubby holders can also be used to protect fruit and pack and move glassware. They can also be used as bag organisers and even serve as mini storage bins.

One great way to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence in your wedding is to personalise these stubby holders. If you want options that are colourful, you can go for neoprene stubby holders. There are giftware suppliers in Australia that offer neoprene stubby holders in as much as 50 colours, and will let you have them printed with the design and colour that you want. There are suppliers that already include the colour print in the price of the stubby holder, thereby giving you the best value for your money. The best giftware companies will let you choose from a wide selection of professionally designed artwork options but still give you the liberty to create your own design.

Want a more elegant option? Then you should probably go for stainless steel stubby holders with insulation. This type of stubby holder can also be personalised with professional laser engraving. You can have the peace of mind that it is going to last long. Look for stubby holders that have quality stainless steel construction, inner insulation made of foam, and beautiful designs.

Most reputable gift companies will offer you a 100% money-back guarantee to protect you from defective items or from orders that do not arrive as described. Look for suppliers that offer their items at reasonable prices. You do not have to spend a ridiculous amount of money for high-quality products.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas - Top 3 Things You Need to Consider

Naturally, the members of your wedding party—such as your groomsmen—deserve gifts from you. They have put in a lot of effort and time in planning your big day, and it only makes sense to show them some appreciation. When looking for gifts, one of the most important considerations is usefulness. Also, you should have the gifts ready at least a month before your wedding. Do not wait for your wedding weekend to do all the shopping.

When it comes to selecting gifts, there are really no strict rules to follow. The key is to think about what your groomsmen’s tastes and what items they will likely appreciate. Different people have different interests, and so it is ideal to consider each man’s personality when looking for gifts. Go for items that are practical so that they don’t end up just being placed a shelf, or worse, hidden in a cabinet to be forgotten.Here are some of the best gifts ideas you can consider giving to your groomsmen:

1.Engraved Silver Cufflink Set

Silver cufflinks are undeniably classy, and custom engraved cufflinks will surely serve as an everlasting remembrance. Personalised laser engraving ensures that the marking will last forever. The best suppliers will let you choose your layout and font, and then do the rest for you. It will be best if the cufflinks already come with a gift box for presentation. 

2.Engraved Stainless Wedding Tankard Beer Mug

High quality stainless-steel beer mugs are perfect not only for your groomsmen, but also for anyone special that has been a part of your wedding. An engraved stainless-steel beer tankard is elegant, stylish, and sophisticated, and will definitely allow you to say thanks.

3.Engraved Leather & Black Hip 

Brown leatherette and a matte black hip flask is an absolutely stunning combination. Professional laser engraving will add a touch of luxury to it, making this gift a perfect choice for the groomsman who loves the finer things in life. 

Credit Card Bottle Opener – A Unique Gift for a Unique Person

Looking for gifts can really be challenging. Not only do you have to look for something useful—you must also be able to find an item that is as special as the person you are giving it to. If you are still thinking of what to gift to give to this particular unique person, then you should consider getting a credit card bottle opener. This gift is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Card-style bottle openers are stylish, and they’re perfect gifts for both your friends and family. What is great about a credit card bottle opener is that it functions just like a regular bottle opener, but is not as big or as chunky. A high-quality heavyweight stainless-steel card-style opener is easy to store. The recipient can put it in his/her wallet, pocket, or bag. Putting this bottle opener in the wallet can help prevent real credit cards from bending, which is another benefit that your recipients will love.

The best card-style bottle openers are handy and will surely last long because of their durability. A lot of shops or retailers offer credit card bottle openers now, but if you want to make your gift extra special, then you should find a supplier that can personalise the item for you. The best manufacturers can customise credit card bottle openers through professional laser engraving. You can choose to personalise it with a name, a quote, a symbol, or anything you wish. Go for a giftware supplier in Australia that offers durable items at affordable prices. If you are too busy to look around, there are manufacturers that will let you order online no matter what time it is. Suppliers that have in-house productions means are usually the ones that are able to offer cheaper, factory direct prices.