Friday, 19 January 2018

Get Dressed Perfectly in Personalised Cufflinks for Your Wedding

Ever since the famous novel, ‘The Count of Monte-Cristo’ mentioned cufflinks, these men’s accessories became de rigueur. The character named Baron Danglars looked so handsome wearing French cuffs, as the author described. It was made so evident in the story how cufflinks could elevate the overall look of a gentleman. And indeed, even today, wearing cufflinks is a charismatic signature of a true gentleman. 

If you read the history of cufflinks, you will learn that royal families from all over Europe have been commissioning them for weddings and other important events for centuries. Cufflinks have long been essential in a groom's attire, and this hasn’t changed to this day. After all, aside from an elegant wristwatch, cufflinks are the only accessories men can really wear. The groom also deserves attention on his big day—and he should be equally fashionable and stylish as the bride. His cufflinks should be made more special or perhaps, personalised. 

Personalised cufflinks can be made to look posh and formal or even geeky and comical. It can be as personalised with the initials of the bride and groom, too. And if you are thinking of giving personalised cufflinks them your groomsmen, perhaps you can have their initials engraved, also.

Be sure to work with an Australian supplier that offers a wide selection of personalised cufflinks made of different materials, so you can have a better look which of them suits you most. Aside from this, they should also be accurate and professional. They need to be careful in engraving the names and initials, after all. Lastly, they should be able to deliver your order on time. For your convenience, you can just order your personalised cufflinks from online gift shops that specialise in custom wedding gifts. 

Acknowledge Guests at Your Wedding with Stubby Holders in Australia

Giving wedding favours to the guests is customary in almost every part of the world. It’s a beautiful way to show the couple's appreciation or everyone who witnessed and celebrated their exceptional day with them. In the ancient days of Europe, the upper class prepared wedding favours made from different precious materials like gold, porcelain, and crystal. In Australia, the most common tokens of appreciation—which are also popular in other countries—are sugared almonds. The combination of the flavours of sugar and almond symbolises the bittersweet nature of marriage. The number of sugared almonds given to the guests represents fertility, longevity, health, wealth, and happiness. 

Today, there are more than two ways to acknowledge your wedding guests, and you can be as creative and unique as you want to be. You can also go the practical route, especially if you're going to complete all wedding essentials within your budget. One of the most common favours in Australia these days are beers. What some couples do to make these favours more exciting is to add wedding stubby holders. Not only will guests have delicious beers to enjoy after the wedding— but they will also have stubby holders to take home and reuse.

There are many reasons why wedding stubby holders in Australia make an excellent alternative to traditional favours. First, they are practical. Men and women are sure to appreciate this thank you gift because it is something that they can use on a regular basis. Stubby holders are not just for beers but other types of beverages as well. There are many designs to choose from when it comes to wedding stubby holders in Australia. You can find an online shop that has a collection of stubby holders made of different materials. What’s more, they are cheap—and can be even less expensive if you bought them from a reliable and trusted online shop for wedding favours. 

Friday, 22 December 2017

Five Latest Trends of Save the Date Invitations

Like any couple, you are probably thinking of unique ways to invite your guests to your wedding. The good news is that there are plenty of creative ways to do save the date invitations. You can use these ideas for your coming wedding: 

•You can invite your guests with laser engraved acrylic wedding cards. Your wedding date will surely be remembered by your recipients when they receive this distinctive invitation. Your loved ones will be amazed by this one-of-a-kind save the date card. It’s the perfect choice for modern and glamour weddings. Be sure to work with a supplier that allows unlimited revisions before production to ensure that you are happy with the design. 

•A wooden rectangle invitation is the way to go if you are having a rustic and vintage-style wedding. This is also an efficient way to tell the guests about the theme. Some of the best wooden invitations available in the Australian giftware market even have magnets on the back so that guests can just stick them on the fridge. This will help remind them of the details of your wedding, as they will see it every time they go to the kitchen.

•If you want another extraordinary invitation for your wedding in Australia, you can get personalised round acrylic cards. You can put the groom’s and bride’s name, the date, and even the name of your guest upon request.

•Another alternative to the usual paper invitations is the engraved timber card. This is another variety of the wooden rectangle invitation. It goes well with the rustic-themed wedding. 

•Another trend when it comes to save the date cards in Australia is the ‘regal style’ invitation. If you want your cards to look vintage and super elegant, you can choose this style. Be sure to work with a supplier that uses laser cut technology. 

Engraved Champagne Glasses- Best Christmas Gift to Father

The best way to show your father that you love him this Christmas season is to get him something practical and useful such as personalised champagne glasses. To tell him how much you care, have them engraved. Every time he drinks from his engraved champagne glasses, he will be reminded of how much he is appreciated and loved. It’s a great way to show him that you appreciate all that he has done for you and for the family.

You can give your father engraved champagne glasses this Christmas but be sure to place your orders early, as it’s a busy season. You have the option to put a custom-made message—such as his name or how you like to call him (dad, papa, etc.). Be sure to order a nice silk lined gift box so you never have to worry about gift wrapping. This beautiful packaging can also make the gift look more elegant.

Get high-quality and personalised crystalline champagne glasses. Your father only deserves the best, especially when it comes to the items that he personally uses. You can’t go wrong with 210 ml champagne glasses that are made of high-quality crystalline.

If he likes champagne, chances are, he loves different kinds of wine, too. You can buy a set of 4, set of 6 or set of 12 engraved wine glasses at a fraction of the cost. Because it is the Christmas season, you can look for online stores that provide personalised wine glasses with discounts.

You can likewise go for a Christmas gift pack. Why not bundle together two wine glasses with a wine stopper? If your father is also a teacher, you can get him premium teacher’s gift packs that include markers, pen, bookmark and coaster. Don’t be afraid to throw other items in with your gift. Take a look at personalised Christmas wooden wine boxes, travel mugs, beer bottle openers, and beer tankards.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Customised Stubby Holders as Wedding Gift

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your best friend’s wedding day? Do you want to show gratitude to your groomsmen by giving them something that they will surely like? Are you looking to make your gifts more personal? You may want to consider wedding stubby holders. They have become widely popular in Australia as wedding gifts and as ‘thank you’ items for the guests. Stubby holders bring uniqueness to the wedding. You can also have them personalised with custom messages to show appreciation for particular people in your party or your guest list. 
  • If you want to help the couple in the preparation of their wedding, you can take care of providing party favours for the guests. Wedding stubby holders make great wedding giveaways because they are fun, affordable, and easy to handle. You can match the colour of the stubby holder with the motif of the wedding. Be sure to work with a supplier that provides at least 50 choices in terms of colour. These stubby holders are made of neoprene and are cheap. They are also useful and practical, so they are sure to be appreciated.
  • You can get stainless steel wedding stubby holders in Australia for the groom and the groomsmen. This material can really last a long time and is a little more polished and expensive than fabric versions. These insulated stubby holders can be used on the wedding day itself or even as props for the photoshoots. Do you want to give a gift to the father of the groom or bride? A stainless steel holder is also a great choice. 
  • Get the groom and bride a wedding gift that they will never forget. Get them a tandem stubby holder with a little bit of humour engraved on the product. They will thank you for your very distinctive gift!

Best 18th Birthday Present Ideas for Best Friend

Do you want to give a unique gift to an extraordinary friend? Are you looking for possible 18th birthday presents for guys? It can be tricky to find a gift that shows how special your friend is to you—but don’t worry, as we are here to help. Below are trendy 18th birthday present ideas that you can consider:

Say cheers to 18 years of life with an engraved wine glass

You can definitely rejoice with the gift of life through personalised stemless wine glasses. Put witty comments on it, like “Keep calm and drink wine,” “Cheers to 18 years,” “its wine o’clock,” or more formal messages like “Happy 18th birthday” and “Celebrate and have a special day.” You can also put a short message or even the recipient’s name on the glass.

Drink bottle for the sporty friend

If she loves working out in the gym, cycling or running, drinking bottles can be one of the 18th birthday gift ideas for her. You can get drink bottles in the colour that she likes. Basic hues include blue, red, black or silver. To be sure of quality and durability of the drink bottle, get one that is made of stainless steel.

Stubby holder for your buddy

One of the best 18th birthday presents for guys is a personalised stubby holder. This is an awesome gift especially if your buddy loves drinking beer. His hands will be perfectly dry with this product. Put his name on the stubby holder along with a greeting of “Happy Birthday” or something witty.

Travel mug for a trendy gal

Give a girl a passport and she can rule the world. If your sister or friend has been bitten by the travel bug, the best gift that you can give her is a travel mug. She can have her tea, coffee, or hot choco everywhere she goes. You can have it engraved to make the present even more personal. 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Explore Some Gifts for a Bridal Party

While planning your own wedding can be a very exciting and fun thing to do with friends or family, it’s no doubt tough—and often stressful. Putting together a wedding requires time, creativity, and the willingness to tackle a very long checklist and deal with a few dramas here and there. Your bridal party—the people who are helping you through this process—definitely deserve tokens of appreciation. Here are some gift ideas for them.

#1 Find inspiration in your wedding motif
If you don’t know where to start, look to your wedding theme. Are you throwing a vintage-vibe wedding? A nice bottle of wine in a rustic wooden wine box is a great gift idea for your bridal party.  If you want something that is lighter and easier to transport because you’re having a destination wedding, try bottle openers that are laser engraved with the individual names and roles of each bridal party member. You can also go for elegant pens that are luxuriously engraved with meaningful messages.

#2 Shop online
For brides with so little time to plan for the party, going online to look for gifts is a very convenient alternative to in-store shopping. Online stores have numerous gift selections like engraved mason jars, keyrings, flasks and champagne glasses among the many fabulous pieces you can find online. There is also free shipping for hassle-free delivery!

#3 Plan and shop ahead of time

Spare yourself from the stress of doing things last minute. You don’t want to place your order just a few days before the wedding and suddenly find out that the gifts you had in mind are not available. So, buy your bridal party gifts at least a month ahead so you have plenty of time to look for something that your friends will really enjoy.