Sunday, 28 August 2016

Looking for Special Wedding Gift Tags?

Gift tags add that special finishing touch to your wedding souvenirs. They can take even the simplest items and instantly personalize them and make them look a lot more expensive. You can shop for wedding gift tags online where you can find all sorts of variations. Wooden wedding gift tags have become quite popular recently because they are chic and last longer than paper counterparts. Some of the most popular versions are the wooden wedding tags in heart or in round shapes, with raffia stings. If you want to engrave something longer, go for wooden rectangular gift tags with jute strings that provide a larger surface area for engraving.

Wooden wedding gifts tags can be professionally engraved with whatever text you want, such as your name, a short than you message, or even a small design or monogram. You can even request that the names of each guest be engraved. The best quality wooden gift tags are professionally laser cut and are made of 4mm-thick cherry timber. The satin lacquer finish makes them more luxurious. These gift tags are supplied with either jute or raffia gift ties (pre-cut at optimum lengths) so can use them right away. They are made of hick cherry timber so they will surely stand the test of time.

It’s so easy to shop for wedding gift tags online especially if you buy directly from the manufacturer. They can provide you a wide range of ready-made designs, but you can also incorporate your details to make your tags completely unique.

Gift tags are easy to order and should at arrive at your door within 5 to 7 days, but of course, the earlier you order, the better. This will ensure that your tags can arrive well before your wedding day, allowing you to leisurely tie them around your wedding souvenirs.

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