Thursday, 28 May 2015

Custom Wedding Shot Glasses - A Gift that is Appreciated

Shot glasses are ideal gifts for festive occasions and events that call for a celebration. Hence, they are popular wedding souvenirs. A shot glass can be customised to suit the occasion and the theme of the wedding. Professional engravers can help you design custom wedding shot glasses to match your theme or personality-whether you're a fun-loving or an elegant couple. Engravers use the latest machinery and engraving techniques to produce high-quality wedding shot glasses.

Impress your guests by giving them custom wedding shot glasses as souvenirs. The glasses are not just functional and practical-they also look good enough to be displayed. Engraved shot glasses can be ordered in bulk, helping you save money if you are ordering for your entire wedding party or even your entire guest list. To get the best prices, buy your custom wedding shot glasses from companies that manufacture their glassware. This guarantees faster turnaround times, too.

Custom wedding shot glasses are memorable, elegant, and fun gifts for guests. They come in different sizes to suit the type of liquor that you want to serve at your wedding. Small 50ml Boston shot glasses are excellent party favours that can leave a lasting impression as wedding souvenirs. They can be designed simply with your initials and the date of the wedding, or you can ask the engraver to include an image for a more elaborate and distinctive design.

Tall 60ml shot glasses have more room for larger text or a special message. They make fantastic souvenirs, too. The larger interior leaves room for items you might want to add, like small candies or lollies. Consider ordering custom wedding shot glasses from an engraver that manufactures its glassware, so you can get them at factory direct prices.