Monday, 27 February 2017

7 Ways to Create a Unique Wedding Cake Using Wedding Toppers

The wedding cake is your big day’s finishing touch. Not only that—it serves as your reception’s centrepiece, too. And while wedding cakes are already conspicuous on their own especially if they are tired, you can easily draw even more attention to them with the right cake toppers. Having unique cake toppers can make your wedding more memorable and unique. The toppers can give guests an idea on what type of couple you two are, or a glimpse into your lifestyle and hobbies. Moreover, they can be saved as keepsakes to remind you of your special day. Here are seven ways you can transform your wedding cake into something unique using cakes toppers:

1.Create a monogram – Design a monogram for your wedding and have it laser cut through CNC routing on material like wood or acrylic, so you can place it on your wedding cake. 

2.Finish a rustic-style cake with a wooden bamboo personalised topper – Wood is an ideal material for classic, rustic weddings. Toppers that are made of bamboo can be a finishing touch to a traditional wedding cake, too. Have your surnames laser cut on wood, or consider your names, Mr. and Mrs., or your initials in a fancy font. Add a shape, like a heart, to make it look cute and sweet.

3.Consider using acrylic wedding toppers – Acrylic comes in many different colours, so you should be able to find a wedding topper that suits your motif or theme. An acrylic topper can serve as a stunning finishing touch to the cake, and it can be made in different varieties, like hearts, monograms, names, words, and silhouettes of the bride and groom.

4.Got pets? - Have a wedding cake topper manufacturer create silhouettes of your pets out of acrylic, and place them on the cake as well.

5.Add flowers – It does not matter whether they are edible or merely decorative. Flowers on the cake go well with wooden wedding cake toppers for a garden or nature-themed wedding.

6.Topper first, cake design later – Design your wedding cake based on the topper you want on it.

7.Add your photo – If you think that acrylic or wooden cake toppers are too simple, add finishing touches like a photo from your engagement. Just be sure that the frame is light to avoid weighing the cake down.

Choosing Right Personalised Wooden Coasters for Drinks

Personalised wooden coasters make great wedding giveaways. They are thoughtful, fun, and will indeed help you say “thank you” and show appreciation to your guests.

In choosing personalised wooden coasters, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost is the quality of the materials used. After all, you want giveaways that will last—not throwaway items. Another factor to think about is the amount of personalisation that you can do to the coasters. What can be engraved on it, and does engraving come free? Can you have individual names printed or engraved with no additional charge?

Next, think about price. You will usually get the best value for your money by buying directly from the manufacturer. Stay away from bridal or wedding souvenir shops; they jack up prices by a huge margin. Order your personalised wooden coasters online instead. Another thing that you have to consider—especially if you need the coasters immediately—is the turn-around time. The best manufacturers can help you meet your deadline.

If you are looking for personalised wooden coasters in Australia, order it from a giftware company that offers high-quality items at affordable prices. The best ones offer engraved wooden coasters (square or round) that are constructed from quality 4mm thick cherry timber. They offer professional laser engraving, and you can choose from a wide variety of professional designs. And if you don’t find a design or layout that you like, you can just let the company’s graphic designers create something for you. These engraved coasters are finished in a matte lacquer for a smooth stylish feel.  You can also get printed square or round bamboo coasters that are constructed from quality 2.5mm thick bamboo.

The best giftware companies can complete and dispatch your order in 5-7 business days. You can even add individual guest names, dates, and messages for no extra charge. You can also be rest assured that if your item does not arrive as described, you can have your money back (or they can send you a replacement).

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Know More about the Different Ways to Elegantly Decorate Reception Tables

Table décor can affect the overall look and feel of a wedding reception. Hence, you need to make sure that it has the right decorative elements for a stylish finish that will impress your guests. Simplicity is key when it comes to elegant reception tables, so no need to go over the top with wedding table decorations and you only need to stick to a few basic items that can already make a big impact on the table’s style. Start with one or two solid colour table linens that go with your motif or theme, and build your way up with low-key flower arrangements with simple, elegant vases and candles.

Standard elements on wedding reception tables can become decorative items, too, such as table numbers and wooden plaques. Instead of conventional paper or cardboard table numbers, have wooden or acrylic table numbers customised specifically in a font and with the shape that you want. Seasoned manufacturers of wedding souvenirs and décor can create custom table numbers that are freestanding or supplied with a stick to make them extra visible. Wooden plaques can contain your initials or your names, and they can be finishing touches to the VIP tables. Got something to say? Look for a seasoned provider of wedding souvenirs and décor that has state-of-the-art CNC routing machinery to have a quote or a text cut from wood to create a plaque that can be placed on the VIP table.

Laser engraving can transform a mirrored centrepiece into an appropriate decorative element for wedding reception tables. A personalised 200mm-diameter engraved mirror can be a stunning feature for tables and they can become lasting keepsakes for principal sponsors, too. Customise this type of décor with your names and the date of your big day, and consider adding a special message to express your gratitude to guests for joining your wedding festivities.

Ideas for Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cakes are typically finished with a topper that represents the bride and groom, like those generic ceramic figurines the wedded couple standing next to each other. However, if you do not want to go traditional, you are always free to choose alternatives to the norm and consider funny wedding cake toppers. Ideal for the quirky or non-conventional couple—or couples who simply want a refreshing take on their wedding cake—funny cake toppers are not only amusing but also entertaining to look at. Best of all, they give light to the couple’s sense of humour, and they can be a one-of-a-kind memento of the wedding day. Here are a few ideas for funny wedding cake toppers:

•Acrylic or wooden laser-cut cake toppers – High-end CNC routing machinery has made it easier and quicker to produce laser cut wedding cake toppers out of acrylic or wood. Instead of going for the usual Mr. and Mrs., your names, or initials, consider having yours customised in a design with unusual words, like ‘Yay!’ or ‘Hooray!’ to indicate the joy of finally getting hitched. Alternatively, you can have a funny silhouette of a bride and groom as the design.

•Custom figurines that look like the couple – Some manufacturers of wedding cake toppers can customise resin figurines to look exactly like the couple. You can have them dressed in the garments you will wear on your big day, or make them look like characters from a fairy tale or your favourite comic books, films, or games.

•Figurines depicting married life – Funny wedding cake toppers can be figurines of the bride and groom in some pose or action that is considered unusual. A popular example of this depicts the bride dragging a disgruntled groom from the collar. Another example is where the groom is carrying the bride over his shoulder.

•The couple as animals – Do you have a favourite animal or a certain type of pet you love? The bride and groom depicted as animals in wedding clothes can make a funny wedding cake topper that is both cute and unique.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Wedding Cake Toppers – The Latest Wedding Trend

The right wedding cake topper can add class and personality to even the simplest cakes. Wedding cake toppers used to be ceramic figurines depicting the groom and bride, but this is no longer the case. Modern versions are laser acrylic or wooden names, initials, or dates. Monograms are also quite popular and can make small cakes look more substantial. If you are interested in using a wedding cake topper for your big day, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

1.Do some online research. Going online is by far the most efficient way to see a wide range of cake toppers so that you know your options. You will likely get excellent quality at the best prices when you order directly from the manufacturer’s website. 

2.Ensure the quality of the topper. If you want to save the topper after the wedding and keep it as a memento of your special day, then you want to choose something that is made to last. Check what material it is made of. You can’t go wrong with high quality acrylic or wood. Choose a cake topper that is laser cut, with polished edges, if you want a smooth and sleek finish.

3.Shop for the best price. Personalised wedding cake toppers can cost as arm and a leg at bridal boutiques, so order them online instead. Around $15 - $30 is a good price. The size and complexity of the topper affects how much it sells for. 

4.Make sure it matches your theme. Are you going for a classic vibe? A cursive acrylic ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ wedding topper personalized with your surname is always a great idea. You can also order a laser-cut acrylic silhouette of a bride and groom. For a minimalist wedding, choose a wood or acrylic toppers of you and your spouse’s initials. 

Bridal Party Gifts - A Must Every Couple Should Know

The members of your bridal party are the people who are closest to you—friends and family members who took the time to help you make your wedding as perfect as it can be. It’s only right that you show them your appreciation by giving them bridal party gifts that show how grateful you are for their support and friendship. Be sure to put some thought into your gifts. You want to present your bridal party with items that are meaningful and truly worth holding on to. 

You can’t go wrong with something practical and useful. Items that can be used way after the wedding—such as engraved coasters and/or glassware and stylishly engraved hip flasks are some examples of bridal party gifts that combine stylishness and functionality. Personalisation goes a long way in turning even simple everyday items into treasured keepsakes. 

Don’t give your bridal party the same giveaways you are giving your guests. They deserve something more special, after all. Also, feel free to buy a unique gift for each member of the bridal party to show your thoughtfulness. They don’t all have to receive the same item. That said, try to keep the items in the same price range. Giving one bridesmaid an expensive piece of jewellery and then another bridesmaid a cheap pillow may cause drama and tension. You certainly don’t need that kind of stress on your wedding day. 

Set a reasonable budget and stick to it. There is no need to go crazy on bridal party gifts because there are many affordable but stylish options that you can order online. Even if your wedding budget is small, you can find personalised bridal party gifts that look expensive. Customising them with names and sweet messages adds a beautiful touch. Present the items in luxurious gift boxes for that extra dose of luxury.