Friday, 21 August 2015

Buy Personalised Stubby Holders for Your Desk

Personalised stubby holders can be a standard item on your desk.  They make excellent giveaways for special occasions and corporate events. Unlike the usual engraved pens and key holders, personalised stubby holders are more fun and laid-back. They can be more useful for recipients who love their cold drinks. Think about buying personalised stubby holders for your next event to provide a quirky and unique gift to people who matter.

Stubby holders can be a great way to keep your cold canned beverages cooler for much longer, especially on hot days. They are very portable, so you can take them with you on picnics or at home when you want to enjoy your cold drink longer while watching sports or a movie. A stubby holder can be handy when you want to keep your drinks cold for a much longer period. Students and researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle conducted a study proving that stubby holders can keep drinks cold. They investigated how cold drinks can quickly become warm based on the climate in their surroundings. They found the humidity to be a crucial factor for the cold loss. This is because of the latent heat that is released as water condenses outside the aluminium can. A stubby holder works to keep the condensation from forming outside the aluminium can. Hence, it does not merely insulate a drink—it prevents it from losing its temperature fast.

Have stubby holders personalised with your company logo to turn them into effective promotional materials.

Buy personalised stubby holders for any occasion online. Giftware retailers can customise 5mm-thick neoprene stubby holders with stitched seams and a solid base in a wide variety of colours to match your party's theme. Consider buying stubby holders from a giftware retailer that manufacturers its products for lower prices and quicker turnaround times.