Thursday, 19 May 2016

Uniqueness of Custom Shot Glasses

Wedding favours commemorate your big day, so you have to choose them carefully. It’s hard to go wrong with custom shot glasses if you want to give something memorable and practical to your guests. Custom shot glasses can either be used or displayed, making them perfect even for your non-drinking friends. State-of-the-art laser engraving can add a more personal touch to shot glasses regardless of their size and type. With engraving, you can be sure that you are providing an extra special and unique gift to people who will witness your big day.

Custom shot glasses can be mass produced into any quantity, so you should be able to give one to each guest and still keep your costs low. Always order from a reputable manufacturer that specialises in customised wedding favours to get the best prices. Be sure to choose a manufacturer that can laser engrave many different designs and fonts on high-quality and durable food grade glass. Choose a manufacturer that can source shot glasses from reputable sources around the world, but does all the engraving in-house to ensure the quickest turnaround times and the lowest prices.

Custom shot glasses come in different sizes. The basic 50ml shot glass, which is known for its thick bottom and walls, is a great choice because it holds just the right amount of liquor. Another type of shot glass is the tall variety that has a narrower form and can hold about 60ml of liquor. Can’t decide? Why not order both for your guests? Reputable manufacturers of custom shot glasses in Australia can offer special deals on their products, such as deluxe shot glasses that come with gift boxes. That way, you do not have to worry about the packaging, and you can be sure that you are giving away wedding favours that are presentable and attractive.

A Few Ideas on Cheap Wedding Favours

Wedding favours serve as commemorative gifts and as tokens of your appreciation and gratitude for guests who will bear witness to your big day. There are many different kinds of wedding favours available, but not all of them are affordable. Are you on a tight budget? Don’t worry, there are things you can do to get reasonably priced and high-quality wedding bonbonniere. Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy online.
Go to the e-commerce website of a reputable manufacturer of personalised wedding favours. Choose a company that can source products from all over the world and personalises the items in-house. This allows them to provide the lowest possible prices and the fastest turnaround times. Be sure to verify their manufacturing process. Reputable manufacturers use state-of-the-art methods like CNC routing, laser engraving, and direct-to-substrate flatbed printing to produce personalised wedding favours.

  • Explore the selection of products they offer.
Personalised wedding favours can be anything from engraved glassware to hip flasks, stubby holders, coasters, and bottle openers. Some manufacturers can personalise items like metal pens, keyrings, and special products like drawstring pouches, bottle stoppers, and glass lolly jars. By browsing the products, you should be able to compare their prices and their suitability to your wedding theme.

  • Go back to basics.
The simplest items can make a great impact. Even if you are on a budget, you can still make a good impression by giving your guests cheap but high-quality wedding favours from a reputable manufacturer. Engraved keyrings and shot glasses, for instance, are elegant, timeless, and practical—and you can get them at reasonable prices when you order them in bulk.

  • Be sure to get a quote.

Contact the manufacturer of personalised wedding favours to learn more about their products and to get an exact quote of the items that you want. They may be able to offer cheaper options, too.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Personalised Photo Frames- Best Gifts to Embrace Your Personal Memories

Pictures certainly are worth a thousand words, but you can make them even more meaningful by displaying them in the right photo frames. Personalised photo frames help show the real story and emotions behind the photographs that they hold. They make wonderful mementos, too, and are some of the best gifts to give the most special people in your lives.

Great for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions
Personalised photo frames make wonderful wedding souvenirs. You can order them online at great prices and have them engraved with the date of your wedding. These custom photo frames are also versatile gifts for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. They care perfect for someone’s first communion or confirmation, for a baby's christening, or child's bar or bat mitzvah. They make excellent graduation gifts, too.

Photo frames may seem like simple and generic gifts, but a personalised engraving of a heartfelt message can make them extra special. There are many ways to personalise a photo frame; for example, you can choose to add a name, a special message, a date, or the name of the occasion. Be sure to buy them online from an engraved gifts specialist to get the best results. Be sure to choose photo frame that is made of high-quality materials. Silver-plated, wood, and glass, are some of the best types of photo frames for laser engraving.

When you buy online from a specialty store, your personalised photo frames can be engraved with no additional charge. The best online stores even provide a nice gift box that is appropriate for the occasion, so you do not have to worry about packaging. It is always recommended that you order personalised photoframes at least three weeks before the occasion, but if you lack time, don’t worry—some online stores can provide express UK delivery services for an extra charge.

Choose Personalised Crystal Whiskey Glasses to Show Your Guests How Much You Care

Crystal whiskey glasses are the perfect gifts for people who love to drink. They also make fantastic wedding favours. You can add a special touch to the glasses with a personal message, your initials as a couple, or even the names of the recipients. Personalised crystal whiskey glasses express thoughtfulness and can show your guests that you took your time in choosing and preparing wonderful gifts to thanks them for their attending your big day. The engraving adds a personal touch to the whiskey glass, making it a one of a kind and memorable wedding giveaway, too. Though you might find all kinds of whiskey glasses online, be sure to order from a store that specialises in engraved crystal gifts if you are having them personalised for your wedding.

Crystal is a preferred material for glasses that hold liquor. Traditional lead crystal makes a huge impact in bringing out the aroma and flavour of the whiskey. Crystal whiskey glasses come in many different shapes and designs. Below are some of your options:

‘Tumblers’ are traditional and old-fashioned whiskey glasses that can easily be filled with ice. They are versatile for serving classic cocktails. Whiskey tumblers, however, are not ideal for nosing.

If you want to give a crystal whiskey glass that can bring out the aroma of the liquor, go for a tulip-shaped glass. This shape takes after the 'copita' or Spanish drinking cup. True whiskey connoisseurs and people who love single malt whisky prefer the tulip-shaped crystal whiskey glass to allow the aroma to be concentrated on the rim, while keeping their hands away from the bowl.

Glencairn-shaped whiskey glasses can be an alternative to tulip-shaped whiskey glasses if you want to smell and swirl whiskey.

Some of the other options in whiskey glasses include ‘highball,’ which is the tall version of the tumbler and is more suitable for Scotch and other whiskey cocktails, and the ‘snifter,' which is also known as the cognac glass or brandy bowl.