Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Make Your Wedding Memorable with Personalised Wedding Favours

There are many ways to make your wedding memorable, and one of them is by presenting personalised wedding favours to your guests. Personalised items are more likely to be kept and treasured for years to come, and if they are practical, your guests will be sure to keep and use them regularly, too. The right wedding favours will serve as commemorative items that can make guests remember your wedding every time they see your gift, and adding a personalised touch to them will make them extra special.

Personalised wedding favours can be cost-effective and produced quickly as long as you buy them from the right company. Wedding favours can be personalised using techniques like CNC routing, direct to substrate flatbed printing, and laser engraving. These services are offered by wedding favours specialists who source products from around the world and customises them in-house to help you save money and to ensure that you can get the items on time.

Even the simplest and seemingly ordinary gifts can become extraordinary and suitable for your wedding with a personalised message to your guests and finished with your initials or names. Items like engraved metal bottle openers, key rings, metal pens, and shot glasses can already make an impact and impress your guests. Some companies can make them more presentable by providing a personalised gift box in colours that you want. Gift boxes can be customised with your names, initials, or a special message, too.

Personalised wedding favours are more meaningful as they express the couple’s individuality and unique traits to guests. If you and your spouse love wine, personalised bottles of wine make excellent wedding favours. If you love the beach or you are having a beach wedding, an engraved bottle opener in the shape of flip-flops can be the most meaningful personalised gifts for people who are lucky to witness and partake on your big day.

Tips to Select the Best Personalised Glassware for Home Decor

Glassware is a great choice when it comes to elegant wedding favours. It can be personalised using laser engraving to make them more special and effective in making guests remember your big day for years to come. Personalised glassware is practical as home décor, too. They can be used as candle holders, small vases, or for any other creative purpose your guests could think of. Moreover, they can be used as additional decoration on your reception tables, especially if you are looking to add a personal touch to the table setting. Use the following tips when choosing the best personalised glassware for decorative purposes:

•Pick the right supplier – Look up locally based suppliers and manufacturers of personalised wedding favours. That way, you can save money and get the personalised glassware in time for your big day. Some of the best suppliers source the glassware from around the world, and they do the laser engraving in-house to cut the costs and to ensure quick turnaround times.

•Go for high-quality glassware – Most types of glassware will be fragile and breakable, but some products will be able to withstand the slightest pressure and being dropped on the kitchen counter. Pick glassware that is made of commercial-grade, high-quality glass to ensure durability. That way, you can be sure that your guests will enjoy the personalised glassware for years to come.

•Learn about packaging and second side engraving options – Second side engraving lets you have the other side engraved, too. If you are giving personalised glassware as wedding souvenirs, make them more presentable by adding a PVC gift box, which can help protect them during transport, too.

•Keep things elegant and simple – It may be tempting to fill the glass with a lot of words and images, especially if you have the budget for that. However, make sure that the personalised glassware looks elegant and presentable by overdoing the design. It will make the wedding favour less tacky, too.

Friday, 25 November 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favours

Your guests have decided to set aside other personal plans to celebrate your big day with you and your future spouse, so it makes sense to thank them for their effort. Wedding favours are the perfect means to express your gratitude to them, but you need to make sure that they are ideal for your guests. Here are tips to choose the perfect wedding favours your guests will surely love and cherish:

•Go for practical items – The best wedding favours are those that can still be used even after the wedding. Popular examples of such items include bottle openers, stubby holders, glassware, serving and toasting sets, and hip flasks. Functional and stylish items are more likely to be kept and cherished by guests; they are not thrown away or kept in the back of the closet. Just make sure that the item is made of high-quality materials and the best workmanship for durability.

•Consider engraved and personalised items – Avoid conventional, cheap-looking gifts and consider personalised or engraved items. Even the simplest bottle openers, coasters, and keychains can be more elegant and meaningful for your occasion when they are engraved with your special message.

•Make sure the items suit your theme – Wedding favours should go with your theme. For instance, if you have a beach-themed wedding, bottle openers in the shape of flipflops are some of the perfect gifts you can give to your guests. For a more elegant and formal wedding, you can consider coasters, engraved glassware, and hip flasks.

Order your wedding favours from the right company. Reputable wedding favour suppliers and manufacturers have in-house facilities for engraving, direct to substrate flatbed printers, and CNC routing technology to provide the lowest prices and the fastest turnaround times. Likewise, they have the ability to source high-quality products from around the world.

Bridal Party Gifts – Tokens of Thanks for Your Close Friends

Your bridesmaids are your closest friends—women who have always been there to help you plan your wedding and support your relationship with your husband-to-be. You owe them nice tokens of appreciation and gratitude that show how much you appreciate their help and treasure their friendship. There are many different kinds of bridal party gifts out there, so it might become difficult to pick the perfect one. Shopping for these kinds of gifts is not as easy as just picking out a random item and wrapping it up in a nice box. You need to make sure that you are giving each bridesmaid something meaningful and special. Here are a few tips that should help you pick the best gifts for your bridesmaids:

•Avoid conventional products – Save the laser engraved key chains, metal pens, and bottle openers for your regular guests. Your bridal party gifts need to be extra special.

•You do not have to buy the same thing for everyone – Show your thoughtfulness by giving unique gifts for each bridesmaid. However, make sure that the items are consistent in price and size. Giving an expensive necklace to one bridesmaid and a cheap pillow or teddy bear to another may cause tension and rivalry. You do not need that kind of trouble on your big day.

•Give something useful – Make sure your bridesmaids can use the items you are giving them even after the wedding. Engraved coasters, engraved glassware, stubby holders, and hip flasks are some examples of functional and stylish bridal party gifts.

•Think of your budget – Set aside a budget for bridal party gifts, but make sure that it’s not too low. After all, your bridesmaids are exerting a lot of effort into making your wedding day extra special and they deserve a little treat. If you are on a tight budget, why not go for a personalised gift? Even the simplest items will seem more expensive and thoughtful when laser-engraved with a sweet message. 

Monday, 24 October 2016

Complete Your Wedding Favours with Personalised Wedding Favour Gift Tags

Even the simplest wedding souvenirs can be made to look extra special with the addition of gift tags. Professionally personalised tags can even make cheap wedding favours seem more expensive. There are many types of gift tags available, and the wooden variations are some of the most popular. 

Wooden wedding gift tags last much longer than paper tags and are also much chicer. You will can buy them in all sorts of shapes—heart, rectangular round, etc. Which one should you choose? That really depends on your preferences and how large you want the engraving to be. Rectangular gift tags surfaces provide bigger engraveable surfaces. Make sure that you are ordering
wooden wedding gift tags that already come with raffia or jute stings that have been pre-cut for convenience.

Top quality wooden gift tags are made of cherry timber (4mm thick) and laser cut for precision. Choose tags that are finished with lacquer for that extra touch of luxury. Wooden wedding gifts tags look great when engraved with monograms or short texts, such as you and your future spouse’s name, the date of your big day, and even a short message. Some manufacturers allow you to engrave the name of each guest. This means that you can use the gift tags as place cards, too. Do note that some wooden gift tags don’t have enough surface area for engraving guest names, so be sure to contact the supplier for other options.

If you think that wedding gift tags are just unnecessary added expenses, think again. They really don’t cost that much. If you order 15 pieces and up, it’s possible to buy them for $1.45 per piece. If your guest list is much smaller and you only need, say, 40 pieces, you still won’t spend more than $2 on each tag.

How to Choose the Perfect Eye-Catching Acrylic Cake Toppers

Do you find figuring cake toppers to be a little too old fashioned? Don’t worry—you can opt for modern acrylic cake toppers instead. The beauty of acrylic is that it’s easy to mould or cut into different letters, such as your initials. Acrylic cake toppers enhance the look and presence of your wedding cake and can even make an otherwise plain and simple cake look much more expensive. Best of all, it’s easy to order a high gloss acrylic cake topper in the same colour as your wedding theme.

There is no doubt that next to your dress and flowers, your wedding cake will be one of the most photographed elements of your wedding. It will appear in almost every picture of your reception festivities. It also serves as the centrepiece of your wedding reception as it is prominently displayed for everyone to see. Why not make it as elegant as possible? If your cake is not quite tall enough, order an acrylic cake topper to give it height. If your cake is too plain and lacks colour, an acrylic cake topper in a striking hue can give it life.

It’s so easy to order acrylic cake toppers online from giftware factories. Choose from their fonts and designs or design your own cake topper if you wish. Why not use your initials? Many couples also choose toppers that say ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ or toppers that are custom cut based on their silhouettes. You can help design your custom acrylic cake topper to ensure that it meets your expectations. You have full control over the size and colour, too. Be sure to buy a laser cut high-quality acrylic topper if you want something that is visibly elegant, smooth, and clean—the perfect ‘crown’ for your wedding cake. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Use Custom Shot Glasses for Occasions to Stand Out

Popular as wedding favours, custom shot glasses are also widely used as giveaways for a variety of other special occasions, including 18th birthdays. This is because shot glasses are perfect for engraving messages and monograms. If you are in the market for custom shot glasses to use as wedding giveaways or as tokens of appreciation for any special occasion, keep the following tips in mind:

1.Buy them online especially if you need to buy in bulk. Do you have 50 or more guests at your wedding? You will save money by buying factory-direct from wedding suppliers in Australia. They typically sell custom shot glasses for less than half the prices you will find in high street stores. Shopping online is a great way to get custom shot glasses for cheap without compromising quality. These manufacturers supply to high street wedding stores, anyway, so you are getting the same custom shot glasses for much less because you no longer have to pay the middleman.

2.Order your custom shot glasses early to make sure that they arrive on time. It usually takes a manufacturer 7 days to customise shot glasses to your specifications and then shop them out. This 7-day timeframe already includes layout/artwork as well as production time. While it’s possible to call the supplier and ask for a rush order, this can be stressful as there is no guarantee of timely delivery, especially during busy seasons. So it’s always wise to plan way ahead and order your custom shot glasses many months before your big day.

3.Buy from a supplier that provides top quality shot glasses and stemware. Carefully read the product descriptions on their website. Are the shot glasses made of commercial grade glass? Engravings won’t look good on cheaper materials. You might also want to find out what engraving method they use.

Grab Affordable and Exclusive Wedding Favours for Your Guests

Wedding favours are essential as tokens of gratitude and appreciations for guests who take time out of their day to celebrate with you and your future spouse. Are you concerned about costs? Don’t worry because you can find affordable and exclusive wedding favours that fit your budget. There is a wide selection of reasonably priced, top quality wedding bomboniere available online. Simply visit the ecommerce website of a store that specialises in personalised wedding favours. The best sellers personalise the favours in-house to make even the most generic items—like pens—more exclusive and worthy of keeping as souvenirs. These sellers are able to offer the lowest prices while ensuring quick turnaround times. They also use state-of-the-art laser engraving, CNC routing, and the latest flatbed printing methods in order to produce exclusive but affordable wedding favours.

Just $0.99: Personalised Engraved Metal Pens

Did you know that you can get heavyweight engraved metal pens for as low as $0.99 (factory direct pricing)? They typically cost $3 or more elsewhere, but online you can get them for less than a dollar. These pens may be cheap, but they certainly don’t look it. They feature chrome fittings and a stylish gloss finish for ultimate elegance. They also feel heavy and substantial, making them seem more expensive than they are. Make them even more exclusive with professional laser engraving.

Frosted Candles plus Holders with Personalised Sticker

If you are willing to spend a bit more on your wedding favours, you can buy frosted candle holders for as low as $2.80. They can be made exclusive with stylish full colour custom labels (made of glossy vinyl) printed with your wedding details and name, or even a special quote. These chic little candle holders are the perfect bomboniere for your big day, and you can get them at affordable prices online. They usually come complete with long burning candles in a wide variety of scents and designs. To make them look even more expensive than they do, you can choose to buy optional PVC gift boxes to present them in.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Unique Wedding Favours - A Highly Popular Tradition in a Modern Wedding

Is your goal to be able to give your guests 100% unique wedding favours? Then the only route to take is customization. You can order such giveaways online where you can combine your own design with the manufacturer’s database of engrave-able graphics and fonts. Get the absolute best results when you work with an Australian wedding favours specialist. The best companies can assist you in crafting completely custom mementos for your big day. Aside from exploring their websites, you can even call them during office hours to get advice on choosing perfectly unique wedding favours that suit your budget, theme, and requirements.

Customisation certainly goes a long way when it comes to wedding favours. Professional engraving turns an otherwise generic item such as a shot glass or champagne flute into a one of a kind object that is thoughtful and personal. Your guests will surely be reminded of your wedding day each time they use or see your unique wedding favours.

Are you worried that customisation is expensive? Don’t be. You can save serious money by buying your wedding favours in bulk and direct from the manufacturer. Be sure to do business with a custom wedding gifts supplier that can guarantee the lowest factory direct prices so you can stretch your budget.

There are so many choices to choose from. Go for engraved glassware, hip flasks, bottle openers, or bottle stoppers, which are all quite popular in Australia. You can also choose to custom-engrave top quality metal pens, acrylic or wood coasters, or even glass coasters. These unique wedding favours are suitable for all of your wedding guests, no matter what their age.

Shopping online for unique wedding favours can save you money while saving you time. You get to see a large selection without ever having to leave home. On top of that, you can compare prices very quickly. Don’t forget to check out the clearance section if you are looking for bargains.

Looking for Special Wedding Gift Tags?

Gift tags add that special finishing touch to your wedding souvenirs. They can take even the simplest items and instantly personalize them and make them look a lot more expensive. You can shop for wedding gift tags online where you can find all sorts of variations. Wooden wedding gift tags have become quite popular recently because they are chic and last longer than paper counterparts. Some of the most popular versions are the wooden wedding tags in heart or in round shapes, with raffia stings. If you want to engrave something longer, go for wooden rectangular gift tags with jute strings that provide a larger surface area for engraving.

Wooden wedding gifts tags can be professionally engraved with whatever text you want, such as your name, a short than you message, or even a small design or monogram. You can even request that the names of each guest be engraved. The best quality wooden gift tags are professionally laser cut and are made of 4mm-thick cherry timber. The satin lacquer finish makes them more luxurious. These gift tags are supplied with either jute or raffia gift ties (pre-cut at optimum lengths) so can use them right away. They are made of hick cherry timber so they will surely stand the test of time.

It’s so easy to shop for wedding gift tags online especially if you buy directly from the manufacturer. They can provide you a wide range of ready-made designs, but you can also incorporate your details to make your tags completely unique.

Gift tags are easy to order and should at arrive at your door within 5 to 7 days, but of course, the earlier you order, the better. This will ensure that your tags can arrive well before your wedding day, allowing you to leisurely tie them around your wedding souvenirs.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Displaying Success with Custom Shot Glasses

Custom shot glasses are fantastic giveaways for celebrations, including birthdays and weddings. You can have shot glasses customised to suit your theme or your personality as a couple. Professional laser engravers are always happy to help you design 100% unique custom shot glasses for your wedding using the latest machinery and techniques.

Your guests will no doubt lobe their custom wedding shot glasses because these items are both practical and beautiful. Drinkers will love adding them to their collection of shot glasses, while those who don’t drink can simply display them at home. Engraved shot glasses for weddings are easy to order online and in bulk. You will also save money by ordering directly from the manufacturer so you can get the best prices. This way, you can give everyone in your guest list a nice thank you gift. Some of the best manufacturers do everything in the house, guaranteeing quick turnaround times. They should be able to dispatch your custom shot glasses within 5 to 7 days.

Did you know that shot glasses come in varying sizes to suit different types of liquor? A small 50ml shot glass (called Boston) is the smallest option. It can be engraved with your initials or a short text, as the engraving area is smaller. Go for tall 60ml shot glasses if you want larger text or a longer message. Ask the manufacturer about for your options. Some of them may offer discounts on sets of 100 shot glasses, saving you as much as 30% off the regular price.

Custom shot glasses have traditionally been used as promotional products or corporate giveaways to strengthen a brand or promote new products and services, but they also make fantastic wedding souvenirs. They are not just appreciated by people who drink but also by collectors of drinking accessories. 

5 Creative Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for bridal gifts? There’s nothing more creative than having your gifts personalised. Go online and look for gifts that are fully customisable with engravings so you can put your own wedding details and message. Here are some ideas:

1. Engraved Black Hip Flask Gift Set (Stainless)

Elegant stainless steel matte hip flasks in black are some of the most popular gifts for groomsmen. You can engrave them with whatever you want for the creatively memorable touch. Be sure to order a set that comes not just with the flask but also a pouring funnel and shot glasses (4 pieces or so). Present it in a wonderful box. You can even have the gift box engraved.

2. Engraved Yo-Yo (Stainless Steel)

Your flower girls and page boys will surely love this gift and treasure it for life. These stainless steel yo-yos can also be engraved with your wedding details and their names, and maybe even a short thank you note.

3. Engraved Mason jar Glass

Also called redneck glasses, mason style drinking jars are the perfect bridal party gifts for rustic or vintage themed weddings. Choose the 490ml size variation that is made of top quality commercial grade glass. These shabby-chic items will be appreciated by bridal party members who love to entertain at home. Want to include a longer message? Pay extra for a second side engraving. The gift box may also be engraved.

4. Deluxe Engraved Pen (with Gift Box)

Go for a high quality, heavy weight metal alloy pen that comes in a beautiful gift box. It must be heavy (around 26 grams) to feel luxurious and substantial. You can’t go wrong with an elegant glossy black finish and professional engraving.

5. Engraved Wooden Wine Box (complete with tools)

For wine-loving members of your bridal party, this gift item is perfect. The box can be engraved with whatever you wish. The set comes with accessories including a wine cork opener, a pouring spout, a bottle plug stop and even a neck drip stopper. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers - Tips and Tricks

Personalised wedding cake toppers can turn any cake into a grand centrepiece that also looks good as a backdrop for wedding photos. Whether you want your cake topper to be personalised with your initials, your shared surname as a married couple, or even your nicknames, you can easily order it online.

Should You Choose Acrylic or Glass?
Contemporary wedding cake toppers generally come in two types of materials: acrylic and wood. They are CNC-cut for precision and are sure to be of great quality. Which one should you select? Your choice should really depend on your wedding theme and the look you are aiming for.

Wooden personalised cake toppers are usually made of bamboo timber—a renewable and eco-friendly material. The best quality ones are professionally laser cut and are about 2.5mm thick. A wooden cake topper is a great choice for a rustic theme wedding. You can also choose this option if you are going for a vintage look or if your reception will be on a beach.

Acrylic toppers, on the other hand, might be more appropriate for classic weddings in hotels or upscale gardens. The shiny material provides a sheen that can make a cake look much more expensive than it really is. The great thing about acrylic toppers is that they can be made in a variety of colours. You will surely be able to order one that perfectly matches or complements your motif.

Both acrylic and wooden cake toppers come in your choice of sizes, so you will have no trouble ordering the perfect one to suit the proportions of your cake.

Save Money by Ordering Factory Direct

To get the best prices on personalised cake toppers for your wedding, buy factory direct from a leading supplier. You will also save a lot more money when you order online.

How to Pick Bridal Party Gifts for Bridesmaids

You are probably doing a million things for your wedding, but here’s something important you shouldn’t forget: choosing bridal party gifts for your bridesmaids. A thoughtful gift for your closest and dearest girlfriends should serve two purposes: it should be a token of appreciation for their time and efforts and it should also be a memento worth keeping as a reminder of your big day. Overwhelmed by the choices? Here are two tips to keep in mind before you start shopping.

1. Get the gifts at least a month before the wedding (ideally earlier).
The last thing you’ll want to do is to stress out about bridal party gifts a week before your wedding. Procrastinating is an absolute no-no. Your gifts should be thoughtful---not rushed. So in the months leading up to the big day, keep an eye out for possible items. You can always go online and visit the websites of leading bridal party gift suppliers if you don’t have time to actually visit the shops. Online shopping is fantastic; it allows you to see more choices in a very short amount of time. You can also quickly compare prices on the internet.

2. Figure out how much you can afford to spend.
At the end of the day, it’s really the thought that counts. You can’t spend more than your budget allows. If you don’t have a lot of financial leeway, the best route is to have something personalised. Even simple glassware will look extremely elegant when engraved with a special message or even the name of your recipient, for instance.

Consider spending a bit more money on the gift for your maid or matron of honour, since she is probably doing the brunt of the work—from coordinating the bridal shower to organising the bachelorette party. She is going the extra mile for you, so go ahead and give her something more lavish. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Wedding Coaster - A Token to Remember Your Special Day!

Wooden, glass, and acrylic coasters make fantastic giveaways for a wedding. You can have them engraved with your wedding details—such as you and your spouse’s name and wedding date—to make them even more special. You can even add a special message or perhaps an image, depending on the size of the surface area and the material. There is a wide range of wedding coasters available online from Australia’s top giftware companies. To get the best value and fastest turnaround, be sure to order your wedding coasters from a store that specialises in manufacturing as well as personalising wedding souvenirs. Some of the top giftware companies in the country don’t even charge extra for professional engraving, so you save money because you only pay for the coasters.

If you want to impress your wedding guests, you can’t go wrong with personalised wedding coasters that have been laser engraved in a professional manner. Laser engraving is the best way to customise a coaster because it ensures cleaner and lasting results. Unlike ink, an engraving won’t rub off or fade over time. Your personalised wedding coasters have the potential to last a lifetime or more. Now that’s an everlasting keepsake.

For a rustic theme wedding, consider ordering coasters that are made top-quality bamboo or cherry timber. If your wedding theme is more classical and formal, then you might want to give your guests engraved glass coasters with smooth bevelled edges. The best ones even come with tiny silicone feet. You can also choose acrylic wedding coasters with rounded corners. All these materials can be personalised with your choice of text via laser engraving. Want to make them even more special? You have the option to buy elegant boxes sized to fit your coasters. Boxes are usually shipped flat, ready for folding up.

Custom Shot Glasses – Made Just for Your Occasion

Are you looking for giveaways or souvenirs for your wedding, birthday, or any other special occasion? You can’t go wrong with custom shot glasses because they are not only super functional—they are also nice enough to display around the house. Custom shot glasses are popular wedding and party giveaways that are especially appreciated by whisky and tequila enthusiasts as well as collectors of drinking accessories. 

Did you know that shot glasses come in different types—of which can be customised with any text of image that you want? Below are just two of the most common kinds of shot glasses you can choose from:

Basic shot glasses – You are probably familiar with this type of tapered shot glass, which is designed to hold about 1.5 ounces of alcohol (one shot). You can easily have this customised with your name and special date, or even the name of your recipient.

Tall shot glasses – Also called shooters, these shoot glasses are quite common in pubs and bars. They are very similar to standard shot glasses except that they are narrower and taller.

You will also find novelty shot glasses on the internet—they are shaped like miniature beer mugs, mason jars, sometimes even as miniature champagne flutes. There are even glow-in-the-dark shot glasses as well as LED shot glasses! However, experts recommend that you stick with regular shot glasses if you want a classic and elegant wedding souvenir or party favour. High quality custom shot glasses can be ordered online, factory direct from some of Australia’s top wedding giveaway manufacturers. 

Why don’t you give your groomsmen something special—perhaps a whiskey glass with a flask? Order a high quality custom engraved whiskey glass paired with an engraved hip flask for your best buddies. This kind of gift usually retails for over $70 in engraving shops, but you can get them in bulk direct from the manufacturer for less than $30 (complete with a beautiful box) when you order online.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Uniqueness of Custom Shot Glasses

Wedding favours commemorate your big day, so you have to choose them carefully. It’s hard to go wrong with custom shot glasses if you want to give something memorable and practical to your guests. Custom shot glasses can either be used or displayed, making them perfect even for your non-drinking friends. State-of-the-art laser engraving can add a more personal touch to shot glasses regardless of their size and type. With engraving, you can be sure that you are providing an extra special and unique gift to people who will witness your big day.

Custom shot glasses can be mass produced into any quantity, so you should be able to give one to each guest and still keep your costs low. Always order from a reputable manufacturer that specialises in customised wedding favours to get the best prices. Be sure to choose a manufacturer that can laser engrave many different designs and fonts on high-quality and durable food grade glass. Choose a manufacturer that can source shot glasses from reputable sources around the world, but does all the engraving in-house to ensure the quickest turnaround times and the lowest prices.

Custom shot glasses come in different sizes. The basic 50ml shot glass, which is known for its thick bottom and walls, is a great choice because it holds just the right amount of liquor. Another type of shot glass is the tall variety that has a narrower form and can hold about 60ml of liquor. Can’t decide? Why not order both for your guests? Reputable manufacturers of custom shot glasses in Australia can offer special deals on their products, such as deluxe shot glasses that come with gift boxes. That way, you do not have to worry about the packaging, and you can be sure that you are giving away wedding favours that are presentable and attractive.

A Few Ideas on Cheap Wedding Favours

Wedding favours serve as commemorative gifts and as tokens of your appreciation and gratitude for guests who will bear witness to your big day. There are many different kinds of wedding favours available, but not all of them are affordable. Are you on a tight budget? Don’t worry, there are things you can do to get reasonably priced and high-quality wedding bonbonniere. Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy online.
Go to the e-commerce website of a reputable manufacturer of personalised wedding favours. Choose a company that can source products from all over the world and personalises the items in-house. This allows them to provide the lowest possible prices and the fastest turnaround times. Be sure to verify their manufacturing process. Reputable manufacturers use state-of-the-art methods like CNC routing, laser engraving, and direct-to-substrate flatbed printing to produce personalised wedding favours.

  • Explore the selection of products they offer.
Personalised wedding favours can be anything from engraved glassware to hip flasks, stubby holders, coasters, and bottle openers. Some manufacturers can personalise items like metal pens, keyrings, and special products like drawstring pouches, bottle stoppers, and glass lolly jars. By browsing the products, you should be able to compare their prices and their suitability to your wedding theme.

  • Go back to basics.
The simplest items can make a great impact. Even if you are on a budget, you can still make a good impression by giving your guests cheap but high-quality wedding favours from a reputable manufacturer. Engraved keyrings and shot glasses, for instance, are elegant, timeless, and practical—and you can get them at reasonable prices when you order them in bulk.

  • Be sure to get a quote.

Contact the manufacturer of personalised wedding favours to learn more about their products and to get an exact quote of the items that you want. They may be able to offer cheaper options, too.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Personalised Photo Frames- Best Gifts to Embrace Your Personal Memories

Pictures certainly are worth a thousand words, but you can make them even more meaningful by displaying them in the right photo frames. Personalised photo frames help show the real story and emotions behind the photographs that they hold. They make wonderful mementos, too, and are some of the best gifts to give the most special people in your lives.

Great for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions
Personalised photo frames make wonderful wedding souvenirs. You can order them online at great prices and have them engraved with the date of your wedding. These custom photo frames are also versatile gifts for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. They care perfect for someone’s first communion or confirmation, for a baby's christening, or child's bar or bat mitzvah. They make excellent graduation gifts, too.

Photo frames may seem like simple and generic gifts, but a personalised engraving of a heartfelt message can make them extra special. There are many ways to personalise a photo frame; for example, you can choose to add a name, a special message, a date, or the name of the occasion. Be sure to buy them online from an engraved gifts specialist to get the best results. Be sure to choose photo frame that is made of high-quality materials. Silver-plated, wood, and glass, are some of the best types of photo frames for laser engraving.

When you buy online from a specialty store, your personalised photo frames can be engraved with no additional charge. The best online stores even provide a nice gift box that is appropriate for the occasion, so you do not have to worry about packaging. It is always recommended that you order personalised photoframes at least three weeks before the occasion, but if you lack time, don’t worry—some online stores can provide express UK delivery services for an extra charge.

Choose Personalised Crystal Whiskey Glasses to Show Your Guests How Much You Care

Crystal whiskey glasses are the perfect gifts for people who love to drink. They also make fantastic wedding favours. You can add a special touch to the glasses with a personal message, your initials as a couple, or even the names of the recipients. Personalised crystal whiskey glasses express thoughtfulness and can show your guests that you took your time in choosing and preparing wonderful gifts to thanks them for their attending your big day. The engraving adds a personal touch to the whiskey glass, making it a one of a kind and memorable wedding giveaway, too. Though you might find all kinds of whiskey glasses online, be sure to order from a store that specialises in engraved crystal gifts if you are having them personalised for your wedding.

Crystal is a preferred material for glasses that hold liquor. Traditional lead crystal makes a huge impact in bringing out the aroma and flavour of the whiskey. Crystal whiskey glasses come in many different shapes and designs. Below are some of your options:

‘Tumblers’ are traditional and old-fashioned whiskey glasses that can easily be filled with ice. They are versatile for serving classic cocktails. Whiskey tumblers, however, are not ideal for nosing.

If you want to give a crystal whiskey glass that can bring out the aroma of the liquor, go for a tulip-shaped glass. This shape takes after the 'copita' or Spanish drinking cup. True whiskey connoisseurs and people who love single malt whisky prefer the tulip-shaped crystal whiskey glass to allow the aroma to be concentrated on the rim, while keeping their hands away from the bowl.

Glencairn-shaped whiskey glasses can be an alternative to tulip-shaped whiskey glasses if you want to smell and swirl whiskey.

Some of the other options in whiskey glasses include ‘highball,’ which is the tall version of the tumbler and is more suitable for Scotch and other whiskey cocktails, and the ‘snifter,' which is also known as the cognac glass or brandy bowl.

Friday, 25 March 2016

What Makes Wedding Stubby Holders the Perfect Gifts

Attending a wedding but don’t know what to give to the newlyweds? Why not opt for a stubby holder? A stubby holder—also known as a Koozie—is used to thermally insulate beverages. It was first made using neoprene but now, new materials such as such as stainless steel or foam are also used. In Australia, the term ‘stubby holder’ is derived from a bottle of beer that holds 375 millilitres, which is called a stubby. So why should you choose stubby holders are your wedding giveaway?

  • They are functional – Unlike other gifts such as figurines, a stubby holder can be used for more than just decorative purposes. It can keep drinks cool and can also be used for holding and organising desk items. If the recipients are painters, for example, they can use the stubby holder to organise their brushes and pencils. Desk job? The stubby holder can hold pens and highlighters.

  • You can personalise them – You can have your photos pasted or printed onto the stubby holders. Wedding stubby holders can also be engraved so you can put in important details like your names, the date of your wedding, and more. Simple ‘his and hers’ stubby holder sets are also available as well as quirky and funny ones.

  • Save money – When giving gifts, it’s the thought that counts. You don’t have to break the bank to give something meaningful to your guests. What’s important is you put a lot of thought and effort into your giveaway. Stubby holders are very affordable, even if you have them personalised.

If you want high-quality wedding stubby holders that are well within your budget, just purchase from online sellers. The best online sellers are those that manufacture and personalise their stubby holders. They can guarantee quality and offer lower prices.

5 Reasons to Opt for Custom Cake Toppers

Celebrating a wedding, an anniversary, or maybe a birthday? Don’t forget to complete the day with custom cake toppers. Here are five reasons why you should get custom cake toppers for your event:

1. Have it any way you like – The problem with buying “off-the-rack” is it’s hard to find one will suit your requirements. It may have the perfect design, but the colours might be off, clashing with your cake. With custom cake toppers, you can get exactly what you want. You can even create toppers that spell out your name or reveal your age.

2. Easy to budget – Cake toppers may be small but you might be surprised that some are so pricey—it’s almost like you bought another cake. With custom cake toppers, you don’t have to spend too much and you don’t have to compromise details. 

3. Saves time and effort – Shopping can be fun but it can also get frustrating, especially if you are pressed for time. You might spend many hours looking for a specific cake topper, visit one store and then another, only to find out the perfect topper does not exist. Save yourself the hassle and use your time attending to other important matters for your party. Simply order a custom cake topper and you’re done!

4. Guaranteed quality –Not all custom cake toppers are of high quality. You have to find a reputable store—preferably one who manufacturers its own custom cake toppers. Check what kind of materials they use. Acrylic is always an excellent choice as it is durable and easy to shape.

5. Provides an elegant effect – Why settle for cheap generic cake toppers? A luxurious custom cake topper can provide an elegant finish to your event. Even if your cake is simple, a custom cake topper can make it look more expensive and specially made.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Purchase Flip Flop Bottle Opener to Give to Someone Special

People appreciate practical gifts for the simple reason that they could use them on a daily basis to aid their lifestyle and simplify certain tasks. Bottle openers are among the best gifts you can give to someone on a special occasion, like your wedding day. They make wonderful wedding favours that can be customised with your initials, symbol, a special message, or your wedding date. Guests will appreciate your bottle opener souvenir and will be more likely to keep and use it. One of the popular designs in bottle openers is the flip flop or thong slippers, which are perfect for beach-themed weddings and couples who wish to express their easy-going and laid-back attitudes.

Flip flop bottle openers are excellent gifts on your special day. They can be custom engraved with any design of your choosing to make them more memorable and suitable as souvenirs. Personalised engraved flip flop bottle openers are customised using state of the art laser engraving methods to produce a clean and seamless design that will not fade easily over time. Stainless steel is the best material for this type of bottle opener, and the thong is made of rubber. Reputable suppliers can provide a matching beach-themed box to make your gift more presentable. Some suppliers ship your orders for free when they reach a certain amount or provide a reasonably priced flat rate to let you save money.

Look for a reputable supplier of wedding favours online so you can purchase high quality custom flip flop bottle openers. The best suppliers only sell premium souvenirs that can add a more personalised touch to your wedding bomboniere. Buy a flip flop bottle opener wedding souvenir from a supplier that has its manufacturing facility. This way, the supplier can provide cost-effective personalised laser engraving services without having to outsource the job. 

Buy Different Types of Wedding Table Numbers Online

The wedding reception is among the most important aspects of your big day. In fact, some guests look forward to the reception more than the actual wedding ceremony. It has to be properly planned and decorated so you can impress everyone and ensure that they all have fun. Wedding table numbers are crucial in keeping your guests organised, but you need to make sure that they go well with your theme and your décor. You can find different types of wedding table numbers online, and you can have them customised to suit any wedding colour, décor, or theme.

Wedding table numbers should go well with the table arrangement. They should be able to stand out to be easily seen, but they should not overshadow other crucial table centrepieces like floral arrangements, the setting, and the linens. Freestanding wooden table numbers and tall wooden table numbers on sticks can go well with any lavish table décor, and they are sure to stand out without taking all the attention from other decorative elements on the table. If you have a minimalist table setting, consider creative designs like freestanding wooden heart table numbers that are at least 180mm high. Choose a design that comes with a stunning base, with detailed, routered edging.

Acrylic table numbers are simple yet effective decorative elements that can go with any table setting. The best acrylic table numbers are those that are 15cm high, so they are easily noticeable. Consider a glossy acrylic table number that can go with any elegant décor. Alternatively, you may go for a freestanding mirrored table number that is around 170mm tall. Look for a supplier that can provide you with this type of wedding table number, which is professionally CNC cut from an 18mm thick mdf before being painted and covered with 3mm thick mirror acrylic.