Friday, 25 November 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favours

Your guests have decided to set aside other personal plans to celebrate your big day with you and your future spouse, so it makes sense to thank them for their effort. Wedding favours are the perfect means to express your gratitude to them, but you need to make sure that they are ideal for your guests. Here are tips to choose the perfect wedding favours your guests will surely love and cherish:

•Go for practical items – The best wedding favours are those that can still be used even after the wedding. Popular examples of such items include bottle openers, stubby holders, glassware, serving and toasting sets, and hip flasks. Functional and stylish items are more likely to be kept and cherished by guests; they are not thrown away or kept in the back of the closet. Just make sure that the item is made of high-quality materials and the best workmanship for durability.

•Consider engraved and personalised items – Avoid conventional, cheap-looking gifts and consider personalised or engraved items. Even the simplest bottle openers, coasters, and keychains can be more elegant and meaningful for your occasion when they are engraved with your special message.

•Make sure the items suit your theme – Wedding favours should go with your theme. For instance, if you have a beach-themed wedding, bottle openers in the shape of flipflops are some of the perfect gifts you can give to your guests. For a more elegant and formal wedding, you can consider coasters, engraved glassware, and hip flasks.

Order your wedding favours from the right company. Reputable wedding favour suppliers and manufacturers have in-house facilities for engraving, direct to substrate flatbed printers, and CNC routing technology to provide the lowest prices and the fastest turnaround times. Likewise, they have the ability to source high-quality products from around the world.

Bridal Party Gifts – Tokens of Thanks for Your Close Friends

Your bridesmaids are your closest friends—women who have always been there to help you plan your wedding and support your relationship with your husband-to-be. You owe them nice tokens of appreciation and gratitude that show how much you appreciate their help and treasure their friendship. There are many different kinds of bridal party gifts out there, so it might become difficult to pick the perfect one. Shopping for these kinds of gifts is not as easy as just picking out a random item and wrapping it up in a nice box. You need to make sure that you are giving each bridesmaid something meaningful and special. Here are a few tips that should help you pick the best gifts for your bridesmaids:

•Avoid conventional products – Save the laser engraved key chains, metal pens, and bottle openers for your regular guests. Your bridal party gifts need to be extra special.

•You do not have to buy the same thing for everyone – Show your thoughtfulness by giving unique gifts for each bridesmaid. However, make sure that the items are consistent in price and size. Giving an expensive necklace to one bridesmaid and a cheap pillow or teddy bear to another may cause tension and rivalry. You do not need that kind of trouble on your big day.

•Give something useful – Make sure your bridesmaids can use the items you are giving them even after the wedding. Engraved coasters, engraved glassware, stubby holders, and hip flasks are some examples of functional and stylish bridal party gifts.

•Think of your budget – Set aside a budget for bridal party gifts, but make sure that it’s not too low. After all, your bridesmaids are exerting a lot of effort into making your wedding day extra special and they deserve a little treat. If you are on a tight budget, why not go for a personalised gift? Even the simplest items will seem more expensive and thoughtful when laser-engraved with a sweet message.