Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Make Your Big Day Extra Memorable with Personalised Wedding coasters

Practical and meaningful souvenirs such as coasters are perfect for weddings because they can be reused. Coasters may seem like simple and small tokens to express your gratitude to guests, but they are actually extremely useful and will surely be cherished. Choose long lasting, commercial grade glass coasters and have them personalised with high-quality engraving to make them even more special.

Wedding coasters are reasonably priced, especially if you order them in bulk. There are personalised wedding gift specialists that manufacture their coasters, too-and this will ensure much lower prices. Reputable companies use state of the art equipment, like laser engraving for a faster and cleaner way to produce attractive wedding coasters that can last a long time. Wedding glass coasters can be personalised in any way using a wide range of professional designs from the manufacturer or with your design. They can be customised with your details to make them more unique.

Manufacturers use high-quality commercial grade glass for wedding coasters, complete with small silicone feet, personalised laser engraving, and smooth, bevelled edges. Personalised Acrylic wedding coasters are a popular alternative to glass coasters. They can be made to look the same as glass, but they are more durable. Acrylic coasters are laser engraved to achieve round corners and clean cut edges. There are personalised wedding gift specialists that can add guest names on each coaster at no extra cost.

Wooden coasters are another alternative to glass and acrylic. There are manufacturers that offer a full range of coloured wooden coasters at factory low prices, with quick turnaround and the option to order them online. Personalised wood wedding coasters have a traditional look and feel, making them suitable as souvenirs for spring, floral, or nature-themed weddings.