Sunday, 28 August 2016

Unique Wedding Favours - A Highly Popular Tradition in a Modern Wedding

Is your goal to be able to give your guests 100% unique wedding favours? Then the only route to take is customization. You can order such giveaways online where you can combine your own design with the manufacturer’s database of engrave-able graphics and fonts. Get the absolute best results when you work with an Australian wedding favours specialist. The best companies can assist you in crafting completely custom mementos for your big day. Aside from exploring their websites, you can even call them during office hours to get advice on choosing perfectly unique wedding favours that suit your budget, theme, and requirements.

Customisation certainly goes a long way when it comes to wedding favours. Professional engraving turns an otherwise generic item such as a shot glass or champagne flute into a one of a kind object that is thoughtful and personal. Your guests will surely be reminded of your wedding day each time they use or see your unique wedding favours.

Are you worried that customisation is expensive? Don’t be. You can save serious money by buying your wedding favours in bulk and direct from the manufacturer. Be sure to do business with a custom wedding gifts supplier that can guarantee the lowest factory direct prices so you can stretch your budget.

There are so many choices to choose from. Go for engraved glassware, hip flasks, bottle openers, or bottle stoppers, which are all quite popular in Australia. You can also choose to custom-engrave top quality metal pens, acrylic or wood coasters, or even glass coasters. These unique wedding favours are suitable for all of your wedding guests, no matter what their age.

Shopping online for unique wedding favours can save you money while saving you time. You get to see a large selection without ever having to leave home. On top of that, you can compare prices very quickly. Don’t forget to check out the clearance section if you are looking for bargains.

Looking for Special Wedding Gift Tags?

Gift tags add that special finishing touch to your wedding souvenirs. They can take even the simplest items and instantly personalize them and make them look a lot more expensive. You can shop for wedding gift tags online where you can find all sorts of variations. Wooden wedding gift tags have become quite popular recently because they are chic and last longer than paper counterparts. Some of the most popular versions are the wooden wedding tags in heart or in round shapes, with raffia stings. If you want to engrave something longer, go for wooden rectangular gift tags with jute strings that provide a larger surface area for engraving.

Wooden wedding gifts tags can be professionally engraved with whatever text you want, such as your name, a short than you message, or even a small design or monogram. You can even request that the names of each guest be engraved. The best quality wooden gift tags are professionally laser cut and are made of 4mm-thick cherry timber. The satin lacquer finish makes them more luxurious. These gift tags are supplied with either jute or raffia gift ties (pre-cut at optimum lengths) so can use them right away. They are made of hick cherry timber so they will surely stand the test of time.

It’s so easy to shop for wedding gift tags online especially if you buy directly from the manufacturer. They can provide you a wide range of ready-made designs, but you can also incorporate your details to make your tags completely unique.

Gift tags are easy to order and should at arrive at your door within 5 to 7 days, but of course, the earlier you order, the better. This will ensure that your tags can arrive well before your wedding day, allowing you to leisurely tie them around your wedding souvenirs.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Displaying Success with Custom Shot Glasses

Custom shot glasses are fantastic giveaways for celebrations, including birthdays and weddings. You can have shot glasses customised to suit your theme or your personality as a couple. Professional laser engravers are always happy to help you design 100% unique custom shot glasses for your wedding using the latest machinery and techniques.

Your guests will no doubt lobe their custom wedding shot glasses because these items are both practical and beautiful. Drinkers will love adding them to their collection of shot glasses, while those who don’t drink can simply display them at home. Engraved shot glasses for weddings are easy to order online and in bulk. You will also save money by ordering directly from the manufacturer so you can get the best prices. This way, you can give everyone in your guest list a nice thank you gift. Some of the best manufacturers do everything in the house, guaranteeing quick turnaround times. They should be able to dispatch your custom shot glasses within 5 to 7 days.

Did you know that shot glasses come in varying sizes to suit different types of liquor? A small 50ml shot glass (called Boston) is the smallest option. It can be engraved with your initials or a short text, as the engraving area is smaller. Go for tall 60ml shot glasses if you want larger text or a longer message. Ask the manufacturer about for your options. Some of them may offer discounts on sets of 100 shot glasses, saving you as much as 30% off the regular price.

Custom shot glasses have traditionally been used as promotional products or corporate giveaways to strengthen a brand or promote new products and services, but they also make fantastic wedding souvenirs. They are not just appreciated by people who drink but also by collectors of drinking accessories. 

5 Creative Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for bridal gifts? There’s nothing more creative than having your gifts personalised. Go online and look for gifts that are fully customisable with engravings so you can put your own wedding details and message. Here are some ideas:

1. Engraved Black Hip Flask Gift Set (Stainless)

Elegant stainless steel matte hip flasks in black are some of the most popular gifts for groomsmen. You can engrave them with whatever you want for the creatively memorable touch. Be sure to order a set that comes not just with the flask but also a pouring funnel and shot glasses (4 pieces or so). Present it in a wonderful box. You can even have the gift box engraved.

2. Engraved Yo-Yo (Stainless Steel)

Your flower girls and page boys will surely love this gift and treasure it for life. These stainless steel yo-yos can also be engraved with your wedding details and their names, and maybe even a short thank you note.

3. Engraved Mason jar Glass

Also called redneck glasses, mason style drinking jars are the perfect bridal party gifts for rustic or vintage themed weddings. Choose the 490ml size variation that is made of top quality commercial grade glass. These shabby-chic items will be appreciated by bridal party members who love to entertain at home. Want to include a longer message? Pay extra for a second side engraving. The gift box may also be engraved.

4. Deluxe Engraved Pen (with Gift Box)

Go for a high quality, heavy weight metal alloy pen that comes in a beautiful gift box. It must be heavy (around 26 grams) to feel luxurious and substantial. You can’t go wrong with an elegant glossy black finish and professional engraving.

5. Engraved Wooden Wine Box (complete with tools)

For wine-loving members of your bridal party, this gift item is perfect. The box can be engraved with whatever you wish. The set comes with accessories including a wine cork opener, a pouring spout, a bottle plug stop and even a neck drip stopper.