Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Things to keep in mind before buying an Eye-Catching Cake Toppers

Eye-catching cake toppers are important in completing the theme of your celebration, be it a birthday party or a wedding. No matter how beautifully made your cake is, it will end up looking just like any other cake without special toppers. There are a lot of toppers available in the market now, and you can readily get some ideas from the internet, but there are still considerations you have to make when choosing the right ones for your event. 

Not only should your cake toppers have the right colour, shape, and size, but they must also be of high quality. To ensure the safety of everyone who will eat the cake, see to it that the paint used on the toppers is lead-free. Cake toppers that are shabby will just end up ruining your delicately designed cake. Therefore, attention to detail is also crucial. You don’t have to settle for old and boring cake decorations anymore because now, there are a lot of modern and classy options you can choose from. Here are some points to remember when looking for eye-catching cake toppers:

1.The best cake toppers reflect who you are (or whatever the occasion is about).

If for example you’re using the toppers for a birthday celebration, it will best if they represent something that is relevant to you. It could be about a special skill, a favourite sport, or anything else that your guests know you are fond of. 

2.Put a little fun or humour in your cake.

You may go for humorous cake toppers that depict your personality or you and your partner’s togetherness. However, make sure that your guests would get your humour, because an inside joke that no one else understands would be futile. 

3.Go for monograms for more sophistication. 

While monogram toppers are simple, they are undeniably elegant, especially if you get a design that goes pretty well with the occasion’s motif. You can have personalised monogram toppers (and other cut-out toppers) done for you at a giftware company. There are companies that would let you personalise them as much as you want, and would let you have them at very affordable prices. 

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