Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Affordable Wedding hip flask for Themed Weddings

Like many couples nowadays, you are probably opting for a themed wedding that will allow you to express your creativity. One of the best ways to truly make your big day memorable is to pick unique but affordable wedding favours that (1) fits your wedding theme and (2) are useful and practical. Instead of decorative figurines or table accessories that no one wants, you can choose inexpensive but well-made wedding favours that people would use frequently.

You should also consider your guests and what could be a common interest between them or most of them. Do they like drinking? You could give them custom engraved glasses depending on what beverage they like. Beer goblets or pilsner footed beer glasses are perfect for those who are a fan of the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. Those who fancy a glass of Bordeaux or champagne every now and then will surely appreciate an engraved champagne glass or a stemless wine bottle. If you are unsure what your guests like to drink, you can’t go wrong with a Boston shot glass. Even non-drinkers like to collect them. They can even be used for other purposes—such as to hold candles.

Hip flasks are also a stylish and flexible choice because contrary to popular belief, they can be filled with other drinks (not just alcohol). To get the best quality and value, be sure to choose hip flasks that are made with commercial grade, durable glassware. You could give your guests a bottle opener, which is always useful for most people. The best giftware manufacturer in the country offers an especially unique bottle opener that is made with a real, heavy weight, demilitarised 50 calibre shell. These engraved bullet bottle openers are unique but affordable wedding favours for your themed weddings. Your guests will surely remember your big day every time they use it. 

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