Monday, 24 October 2016

Complete Your Wedding Favours with Personalised Wedding Favour Gift Tags

Even the simplest wedding souvenirs can be made to look extra special with the addition of gift tags. Professionally personalised tags can even make cheap wedding favours seem more expensive. There are many types of gift tags available, and the wooden variations are some of the most popular. 

Wooden wedding gift tags last much longer than paper tags and are also much chicer. You will can buy them in all sorts of shapes—heart, rectangular round, etc. Which one should you choose? That really depends on your preferences and how large you want the engraving to be. Rectangular gift tags surfaces provide bigger engraveable surfaces. Make sure that you are ordering
wooden wedding gift tags that already come with raffia or jute stings that have been pre-cut for convenience.

Top quality wooden gift tags are made of cherry timber (4mm thick) and laser cut for precision. Choose tags that are finished with lacquer for that extra touch of luxury. Wooden wedding gifts tags look great when engraved with monograms or short texts, such as you and your future spouse’s name, the date of your big day, and even a short message. Some manufacturers allow you to engrave the name of each guest. This means that you can use the gift tags as place cards, too. Do note that some wooden gift tags don’t have enough surface area for engraving guest names, so be sure to contact the supplier for other options.

If you think that wedding gift tags are just unnecessary added expenses, think again. They really don’t cost that much. If you order 15 pieces and up, it’s possible to buy them for $1.45 per piece. If your guest list is much smaller and you only need, say, 40 pieces, you still won’t spend more than $2 on each tag.

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