Monday, 24 October 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Eye-Catching Acrylic Cake Toppers

Do you find figuring cake toppers to be a little too old fashioned? Don’t worry—you can opt for modern acrylic cake toppers instead. The beauty of acrylic is that it’s easy to mould or cut into different letters, such as your initials. Acrylic cake toppers enhance the look and presence of your wedding cake and can even make an otherwise plain and simple cake look much more expensive. Best of all, it’s easy to order a high gloss acrylic cake topper in the same colour as your wedding theme.

There is no doubt that next to your dress and flowers, your wedding cake will be one of the most photographed elements of your wedding. It will appear in almost every picture of your reception festivities. It also serves as the centrepiece of your wedding reception as it is prominently displayed for everyone to see. Why not make it as elegant as possible? If your cake is not quite tall enough, order an acrylic cake topper to give it height. If your cake is too plain and lacks colour, an acrylic cake topper in a striking hue can give it life.

It’s so easy to order acrylic cake toppers online from giftware factories. Choose from their fonts and designs or design your own cake topper if you wish. Why not use your initials? Many couples also choose toppers that say ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ or toppers that are custom cut based on their silhouettes. You can help design your custom acrylic cake topper to ensure that it meets your expectations. You have full control over the size and colour, too. Be sure to buy a laser cut high-quality acrylic topper if you want something that is visibly elegant, smooth, and clean—the perfect ‘crown’ for your wedding cake. 

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