Monday, 27 March 2017

Monogram Cake Toppers - An Elegant Choice

The old adage, “simplicity is beauty” is certainly true. As many people say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This applies to a lot of things—including your cake toppers.  Whether it’s your wedding, birthday, or any other event, an elegant monogram cake topper would be a simple and classy way to complete and personalise your cake.

A monogram is essentially a motif of one or more letters representing the initials of the celebrant’s names. Monogram cake toppers can come in different materials, colours, and sizes. They can be personalised to suit your preferences as well as complement the rest of your cake’s design. In order to make sure that your monogram cake topper will fit your cake, take note of the measurements of your cake’s top tier and determine the monogram size that would be appropriate for it.

One of the best materials for monogram cake toppers is wood, particularly bamboo timber. A high-quality cake topper should be constructed from at least 2.5 mm thick bamboo and must be professionally laser cut. Wooden monogram cake toppers are great if you want your cake to have a vintage or rustic feel to it. But if you want sleeker or more modern-looking monograms, you can go for those that are made of glossy acrylic.

If you are looking to buy monogram cake toppers in Australia, you can get them from giftware companies that would let you personalise the monograms. There are companies that are able to dispatch orders within 1 to 3 business days. Aside from fast turnaround time, the best retailers also offer a 100% money back guarantee to protect you from defective items. They should also be able to replace your items if they do not arrive as described. Choose a company that will give you high-quality monogram cake toppers at affordable prices.

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