Monday, 27 March 2017

A Brief Guide About How to Choose Eye-Catching Cake Toppers

Cakes without cake toppers don’t quite look right. Well-made toppers add that final touch, making a cake more festive for a wedding or a birthday party. Needless to say, you need to choose cake toppers with appropriate colours, size and shape. But apart from that, it is also important to consider their quality. The paint that will be used on the toppers should be lead-free in order to ensure safety. Attention to detail is also crucial, since you would not want your cake toppers to just ruin your beautifully and intricately designed cake. If you don’t want old and boring cake toppers, you can opt for the ones that are modern and classy. Here are tips in choosing elegant yet remarkable cake toppers:

1.Choose cake toppers that really reflect who you are (or who you are as a couple).

If you have an interest that you are particularly known for—such as if you’re a good singer or if you play a certain sport—use cake toppers that symbolise that interest. If you’re using the cake toppers on a wedding cake, choose something that is relevant for both you and your partner. 

2.Add some fun to your cake.

Pick humorous toppers that really showcase your personality or you and your partner’s relationship. However, make sure to opt for something that is funny for everyone, and not just a silly inside joke that only a few people would understand. 

3.Monograms are fashionable and elegant.

Monogram cake toppers can be more easily personalised that typical figurine toppers. They are also simple, and you would surely be able to find a design that would complement the rest of your event’s motif. 
Personalising your cake toppers would make them more relevant and eye-catching. There are Australian giftware companies that let you personalise your cake toppers as much as you wish to. Some even offer other items that you can use as part favours! Choose a company that sells top-quality products at the lowest possible prices. 

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