Monday, 27 February 2017

7 Ways to Create a Unique Wedding Cake Using Wedding Toppers

The wedding cake is your big day’s finishing touch. Not only that—it serves as your reception’s centrepiece, too. And while wedding cakes are already conspicuous on their own especially if they are tired, you can easily draw even more attention to them with the right cake toppers. Having unique cake toppers can make your wedding more memorable and unique. The toppers can give guests an idea on what type of couple you two are, or a glimpse into your lifestyle and hobbies. Moreover, they can be saved as keepsakes to remind you of your special day. Here are seven ways you can transform your wedding cake into something unique using cakes toppers:

1.Create a monogram – Design a monogram for your wedding and have it laser cut through CNC routing on material like wood or acrylic, so you can place it on your wedding cake. 

2.Finish a rustic-style cake with a wooden bamboo personalised topper – Wood is an ideal material for classic, rustic weddings. Toppers that are made of bamboo can be a finishing touch to a traditional wedding cake, too. Have your surnames laser cut on wood, or consider your names, Mr. and Mrs., or your initials in a fancy font. Add a shape, like a heart, to make it look cute and sweet.

3.Consider using acrylic wedding toppers – Acrylic comes in many different colours, so you should be able to find a wedding topper that suits your motif or theme. An acrylic topper can serve as a stunning finishing touch to the cake, and it can be made in different varieties, like hearts, monograms, names, words, and silhouettes of the bride and groom.

4.Got pets? - Have a wedding cake topper manufacturer create silhouettes of your pets out of acrylic, and place them on the cake as well.

5.Add flowers – It does not matter whether they are edible or merely decorative. Flowers on the cake go well with wooden wedding cake toppers for a garden or nature-themed wedding.

6.Topper first, cake design later – Design your wedding cake based on the topper you want on it.

7.Add your photo – If you think that acrylic or wooden cake toppers are too simple, add finishing touches like a photo from your engagement. Just be sure that the frame is light to avoid weighing the cake down.

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