Thursday, 23 February 2017

Ideas for Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cakes are typically finished with a topper that represents the bride and groom, like those generic ceramic figurines the wedded couple standing next to each other. However, if you do not want to go traditional, you are always free to choose alternatives to the norm and consider funny wedding cake toppers. Ideal for the quirky or non-conventional couple—or couples who simply want a refreshing take on their wedding cake—funny cake toppers are not only amusing but also entertaining to look at. Best of all, they give light to the couple’s sense of humour, and they can be a one-of-a-kind memento of the wedding day. Here are a few ideas for funny wedding cake toppers:

•Acrylic or wooden laser-cut cake toppers – High-end CNC routing machinery has made it easier and quicker to produce laser cut wedding cake toppers out of acrylic or wood. Instead of going for the usual Mr. and Mrs., your names, or initials, consider having yours customised in a design with unusual words, like ‘Yay!’ or ‘Hooray!’ to indicate the joy of finally getting hitched. Alternatively, you can have a funny silhouette of a bride and groom as the design.

•Custom figurines that look like the couple – Some manufacturers of wedding cake toppers can customise resin figurines to look exactly like the couple. You can have them dressed in the garments you will wear on your big day, or make them look like characters from a fairy tale or your favourite comic books, films, or games.

•Figurines depicting married life – Funny wedding cake toppers can be figurines of the bride and groom in some pose or action that is considered unusual. A popular example of this depicts the bride dragging a disgruntled groom from the collar. Another example is where the groom is carrying the bride over his shoulder.

•The couple as animals – Do you have a favourite animal or a certain type of pet you love? The bride and groom depicted as animals in wedding clothes can make a funny wedding cake topper that is both cute and unique.

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