Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bridal Party Gifts - A Must Every Couple Should Know

The members of your bridal party are the people who are closest to you—friends and family members who took the time to help you make your wedding as perfect as it can be. It’s only right that you show them your appreciation by giving them bridal party gifts that show how grateful you are for their support and friendship. Be sure to put some thought into your gifts. You want to present your bridal party with items that are meaningful and truly worth holding on to. 

You can’t go wrong with something practical and useful. Items that can be used way after the wedding—such as engraved coasters and/or glassware and stylishly engraved hip flasks are some examples of bridal party gifts that combine stylishness and functionality. Personalisation goes a long way in turning even simple everyday items into treasured keepsakes. 

Don’t give your bridal party the same giveaways you are giving your guests. They deserve something more special, after all. Also, feel free to buy a unique gift for each member of the bridal party to show your thoughtfulness. They don’t all have to receive the same item. That said, try to keep the items in the same price range. Giving one bridesmaid an expensive piece of jewellery and then another bridesmaid a cheap pillow may cause drama and tension. You certainly don’t need that kind of stress on your wedding day. 

Set a reasonable budget and stick to it. There is no need to go crazy on bridal party gifts because there are many affordable but stylish options that you can order online. Even if your wedding budget is small, you can find personalised bridal party gifts that look expensive. Customising them with names and sweet messages adds a beautiful touch. Present the items in luxurious gift boxes for that extra dose of luxury.

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