Thursday, 23 February 2017

Know More about the Different Ways to Elegantly Decorate Reception Tables

Table décor can affect the overall look and feel of a wedding reception. Hence, you need to make sure that it has the right decorative elements for a stylish finish that will impress your guests. Simplicity is key when it comes to elegant reception tables, so no need to go over the top with wedding table decorations and you only need to stick to a few basic items that can already make a big impact on the table’s style. Start with one or two solid colour table linens that go with your motif or theme, and build your way up with low-key flower arrangements with simple, elegant vases and candles.

Standard elements on wedding reception tables can become decorative items, too, such as table numbers and wooden plaques. Instead of conventional paper or cardboard table numbers, have wooden or acrylic table numbers customised specifically in a font and with the shape that you want. Seasoned manufacturers of wedding souvenirs and décor can create custom table numbers that are freestanding or supplied with a stick to make them extra visible. Wooden plaques can contain your initials or your names, and they can be finishing touches to the VIP tables. Got something to say? Look for a seasoned provider of wedding souvenirs and décor that has state-of-the-art CNC routing machinery to have a quote or a text cut from wood to create a plaque that can be placed on the VIP table.

Laser engraving can transform a mirrored centrepiece into an appropriate decorative element for wedding reception tables. A personalised 200mm-diameter engraved mirror can be a stunning feature for tables and they can become lasting keepsakes for principal sponsors, too. Customise this type of décor with your names and the date of your big day, and consider adding a special message to express your gratitude to guests for joining your wedding festivities.

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